Tuesday, July 29, 2014

UBC Day 29 - Take a risk!

How will we know how great we could be if we don’t try new things and work towards difficult goals? Who knows? We might surprise ourselves and discover talents and strengths we didn’t know we had. We owe it to ourselves to take that risk. 

Isn’t Alan Alda great? I always loved him as Hawkeye in MASH.

As he wisely says in this quote, we don’t have to know what we’re doing and we can learn and make mistakes as we go along. I find that so freeing as I’ve often been inhibited from taking a risk because I thought I had to be an expert at something right from the beginning. 

Long ago, when computers were clunky things that took up the whole room, a computer gave me music as an elective on my grade 9 timetable. I had asked for typing. Instead of changing it, I decided to take the risk of trying it and it turned out to be my favourite course in high school.

When I first picked up the flute, I could barely get a note out of it. I’d blow and blow into it until I was dizzy and hyperventilating. But gradually it got better. I managed to hit a note and hold it. Then I learned another note and another. Before long I could play a simple tune and then I joined in with the band which I loved. All because I took the risk and kept trying to improve. 

I discovered something wonderful, a lifelong love of being involved in music. And I discovered in myself a talent and passion for music that I wouldn’t have known about had I not taken that risk.

Monday, July 28, 2014

UBC Day 28 - ABC of me and Quintet of Radiance Award

Often writing is such a lonely pursuit and you wonder if anyone is even reading your efforts or even cares in this busy, frantic, distracted world. You sweat over each word and revise again and again, while all you hear is the gentle chirp of crickets in the background. You wonder what you’re doing it for and if it really matters. 

That’s why receiving an award is much appreciated. Being acknowledged by fellow blogger/writing friends is always such a boost. Thank you to Carol Graham (Great last name by the way! ;)) for nominating me for the Quintet of Radiance award. What fun! 

Check out Carol’s wonderful blog Battered Hope.


Carol is always thought provoking, uplifting, funny, entertaining and touching in her posts.

One of the rules for this award is to describe yourself using the letters of the alphabet. You know how much I love writing rhyme so of course I did my alphabet about me in a poetic rhyming style. Woohoo! Narcissism rules. OH YEEEEHHHH! Just kidding! 

Artsy Fartsy, that’s our Cat 
Bashful or Brash, she’s a total Brat, 
Creative and Catty, yes that’s her 
A Dreamer who likes to growl and purr, 
Emotional and Erratic, Funloving and Frantic 
Goofy and Honest with the occasional antic, 
Cat is an Introvert but likes a good joke 
Klutzy and Loyal, she’ll give you a poke, 
Mellow and Nosy, Outrageous and a Prude 
She’s Queen of her own life and sometimes quite Rude, 
Cat’s Sentimental and a Tough old gal 
She’s Unusual and Vague but always a pal, 
Warm and eXpressive And always Young at heart, 
Cat’s got a Zest for life That sets her apart. 

Another rule is to nominate some other bloggers. 
I would like nominate fellow bloggers: 

Debbie Doglady http://thedogladysden.com/

Laura Best http://lauraabest.wordpress.com/

Corinne Rodrigues http://bit.ly/1qHkbmm

Shailaja http://momdiary.blogspot.in/ 

Vidya Sury http://vidyasury.com/ 

Suzy Some Day  http://suzysomedaysomewhere.blogspot.ca

Please check out these other blogs to see why they deserve this award!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

UBC Day 27 - A Letter to a Brother

For today's blogging challenge, I have taken my inspiration from Write Tribe's post about 48 Commonly Mis-spelled words http://writetribe.com/48-commonly-misspelled-words/

Write Tribe

I decided to use every word mentioned in the list in sequence to write this letter from an older brother to his delinquent younger brother. I seem to like that theme as my previous Idiom story had a similar idea with an older sister scolding her younger sister. http://cattitudeandgratitude.blogspot.ca/2014/07/ubc-day-19-black-sheep-of-family.html

I managed to squeeze in all 48 words and make a story out of it. PHEW!

Dear Josh,

I am sending you this email in hopes that you will accommodate me for a change. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I need to talk to you.

Don’t give me that Arctic chill like you always do, Little Brother. I know you’re so busy and all, but I’m sure your calendar isn’t that jam-packed.

I want to meet you at the park next to the cemetery. You know the place. Remember that night when Bob got knifed after you started that fight? I’m sure it’s not on your conscience anyhow. It’s not your style. You definitely aren’t the type to embarrass easily and don’t give a damn. Sometimes I wonder if you’re really conscious of how you treat people.

You don’t seem to worry about that kind of stuff much. I doubt you ponder deeper meanings like the purpose for our existence, do you? You’re too busy having a good time.

We’re so different. I like books and studying. You like drinking and having a good time. Even though we’re half brothers, we’re foreign to each other. I can never gauge you at all and never know what you’re thinking or feeling. 

Here’s a word of advice from your older brother. You might be good looking, but you have the worst grammar. I guarantee our old English teacher, Mrs. Judd would harass you if she ever heard the way you talk. 

Now that you’re 20 years old, you like to flaunt your height over me since you’re 6ft 5 and I’m only 5ft 8. 

You sure think you’re independent and have the world all figured out. I wish a doctor would inoculate you with some common sense and get you to smarten up.

It’s awful how you you’re always trying to liaison with the ladies and you act like life is one big party. How about thinking about your future for a change?

I heard about the police taking away your driver’s license when you had that accident and the brakes failed. I’m not surprised. You never do any maintenance on that piece of crap you drive. That car isn’t even from this millennium, is it? Oh well. Such a miniscule issue really. Taking away your car isn’t going to stop you from being mischievous and getting into trouble.

I heard you applied for a job at the pulp and paper plant again. Watch out you don’t misspell anything on the application form. I found a ton of mistakes when I helped you fill it out. Don’t you know spelling mistakes are so noticeable?

I heard about the occurrence last time when you made such a fool of yourself with Amy, the receptionist.  I do have to give you credit for perseverance though. Isn’t this the fifth time you’ve asked her out? If only you were like a playwright in possession of fancy words to woo her. I could help you since I’m the literary one in the family. Unfortunately your awful reputation preceding you doesn’t help and has given her a prejudice against you.

Just ask Principal Forget at our high school. He remembers how bad you were. He always told you it was a privilege to get an education but you never listened. You used to make fun of his awful English pronunciation right to his face. Remember that time he made you fill out that career questionnaire and you put down dumb answers just to make him mad?

Oh, by the way, I have some clothes that Mom bought for you. She said your wardrobe needs help and she still has receipt to return them if they don’t fit.

I’ll recommend you to Joe, the foreman since I know him, but I don’t know if you’d be happy working at the plant. I know you’re more used to the rhythm of the streets. It’s where you like to hang out. You and I lead such separate lives that I often can’t believe we’re related.

Remember five years ago at cadet camp how Sergeant Surti tried to order you around?  The fact she was a cute girl only made you act even worse. Then again, even when she was superseded by that mean Sgt. Smith with the bad breath, you were still impossible. I don’t know why Mom thought cadet camp would help discipline you. You were hopeless.

So that’s about it. I’m riding a stationary bike at the university while I’m typing this. You should try it. Much safer than driving your junky car.

Oh, by the way, Mom wants to know if you’ll come to the party for her and Sam next week. Can you believe it’s their twelfth anniversary already? That’s a lot longer than she lasted with our dads.

So meet me at the park tonight at 6. I’ll be waiting until you confirm if you can make it. Please don’t take forever to get back to me like you always do. I hate it when things are vague.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

UBC Day 26 - What makes a successful blog?

My blog can often be silly, sad or sappy
Some folks might even think it’s crappy,
But I don’t care, I’m having fun
For me, I’ve only just begun,

Words flow freely from my mind
Freeing me from the daily grind,
This is my time when I like to play
I can be serious the rest of the day.

What makes a good blog? I was reading this article this morning about boosting blog traffic

The post made me realize that I don’t do any of this. Does that mean I’m a failure? I guess it would depend on the definition of what a successful blog is.

I have a small readership. I often blog about silly things and write silly poetry just for fun.  I post cute photos of my pets and pretty photos of Nature. 

I write about things that touch me. I write about life's lessons that I've learned the hard way and how I'm still learning and evolving each day.

I don’t always have useful content. I don’t have an email list. I don’t use keywords that Google can find. And I don’t make a cent either. 

If I worried about all the ways I "Should" be doing my blog according to all the experts,  I probably wouldn't blog at all. 

The main thing is I enjoy expressing myself creatively. I enjoy sharing quotes that I love along with my photographs.

I enjoy connecting with the few readers that I do have and see my blog as an online diary.

I’m not out to get 10,000 subscribers and get a great Alexa rating. Who the heck is Alexa and why do I care so much what she thinks? 

I’m having fun with my blog even if no one but me reads it. And it's way cheaper than therapy. That’s good enough for me.

What do you think defines whether a blog is successful or not?

Friday, July 25, 2014

UBC Day 25 - I am grateful for Nature

Everyone knows that Gratitude is a theme I like to write about a lot and so does my friend, fellow blogger, Laurel Reagan who has a weekly Gratitude list on her blog, Alphabet Salad. http://www.alphabetsalad.com/todays-gratitude-list-linkup-no-39/

Here is a little poem I wrote about being grateful for Nature.

I’m grateful for each thing that grows,
I’m grateful for flowers, plants and trees,
I’m grateful for dirt beneath my toes
I’m grateful for the summer breeze,

I’m grateful for the birds that sing
I’m grateful for their lovely song,
I’m grateful for each beak and wing
I’m grateful we have birds all year long,

I’m grateful to see Nature all around
From up in the sky to down on the ground!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UBC Day 23 - The Early Days of the Internet

Remember that sound of the dialup as it connected on the phone line? I always liked the dumb dee dumb part at the end followed by a sound like someone whispering Oyvay. Ah, the nostalgia. Sigh.

Dial up was so slow and cumbersome. It tied up the phone line and things loaded so slowly. Email addresses consisted of long numbers and letters that no one could ever remember.

If you wanted to download anything with photos or graphics, it took forever and sometimes it didn’t work at all.

Even so, I remember thinking how magical it was to have the world at my fingertips. As a person who grew up in the precomputer days of the 1960s and 70s, I still find it magical!

Many times, when my older son was small, he would sit in his baby chair rocking back and forth. He would start to whine, growing more and more impatient as he waited for me to get off the Internet.

There was no Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest back then. No such thing as blogging, chats and webinars either. I remember joining forums and listserve groups for things I was interested in like writing. 

The best part I’ve found about the Internet is making friends with people around the world. How do I know these online friends are real my family asks? I’ve been lucky enough to meet some in person and they’re very real and just as great as they are online. I hope I get to meet more of them in future.

Meeting my Mirabile Visu writer friend, Caz in Devon, UK, 2009
Before Facebook, I was very keen about a writing forum called Mirabile Visu that no longer exists. 
I met so many great writer friends there. 

Meeting my artist friend, Joyce at her studio in Inkerman 
not far from me with my pal, Wendy. 
I met Wendy in the early 2000s at a writing forum, 
I forget which one.

With my Mirabile Visu writer friend, Wendy from Saskatchewan when she was visiting in Ontario for her son's wedding in 2009.

Here I am in Chartottetown, PEI on a trip in 2011 where I got to meet the lovely Denise Bruce and her adorable daughters.

Last year I went with Wendy to NYC and N.J. 
where we met our FB friends,
Lori, Perla, Mary Anne, Rosemary and Roselle.

We also met Mary Lou from Connecticut in NYC.

This past March I met Marie Andrée in Montreal.

The Internet has definitely changed my life for the better except that I still spend too much time on it, even with high speed. I need to make sure to get off the computer and interact with the real world. Time passes so quickly without me realizing it and the family is still waiting for me to get off the Internet!

Monday, July 21, 2014

UBC Day 21 - Roach Rental

This 100 Words story is inspired from two sources. 

The first one is the Write Tribe's 100 Words on a Saturday prompt of  including the phrase "It does feel like home, doesn't it?" http://writetribe.com/question-tags/

Write Tribe

The second is this photo of our bathroom after the workers removed everything in preparation for renovating today. 

Two cockroaches admire the room.

Gladys: I love it, don’t you Fred?

Fred: It does feel like home, doesn’t it?

Gladys: It’s charming and rustic. It’s all I’ve dreamt about.

Fred: I’m so glad we finally found something.

Gladys: I know. I was worried we wouldn’t find anything since our last place was torn down.

Fred: We’ll settle in here just fine, I can tell.

Gladys: It’s a perfect place to raise little roaches.

Fred: Little roaches? Gladys, you’re not..are you?

Gladys: I’m going to drop my egg capsule anytime now. Isn’t it wonderful? Fred? Fred? What’s wrong? Wake up!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

UBC Day 20 - How I Tackle Blogger/Writer's Block

I am writing this post in response to Write Tribe's prompt about blogger's block.


1. If I’m stumped and approaching the writing too seriously, I try being playful and silly by writing rhymes and poetry. It’s all about tricking the muse into coming out to play with me.

My muse is elusive, there is no doubt
But often I can coax her out,
With promises of chocolate and coffee, too
And a good dose of silliness to see us through!

2. Getting off the computer for a while and getting some exercise in a natural setting is a great cure for blogger's block. These outdoor adventures always help me feel refreshed and ready to write again.

Here is a photo I took looking across the St. Lawrence Seaway at New York State. Nothing like looking at water to refresh and rejuvenate.

3. Reading other bloggers' work always fires me up. Here is a post highlighting my five favourite blogs. 

4. Listening to classical music or playing my flute is another outlet for being creative that helps fuel my writing.
Here is Sharon on harp and me on flute playing that lovely tranquil piece, Pussywillows, Cattails by Gordon Lightfoot.

5. I love motivational quotes from different sites. I like combining these quotes with my photos I took (while getting that exercise in the natural setting in Number 2!) Then I make inspirational posters like this one which is the seed to a blog post. 

These are a few of the strategies I use when I'm blocked. How about you? Do you suffer from writer's/blogger's block? If so, how do you cope?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

UBC Day 19 - Black Sheep of the Family

I don’t like being the one to let the cat out of the bag but I am your big sister and I watch out for you. A little bird told me how you’ve been seen with that awful man again. 

I hate to be a fly in the ointment but I did tell you he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Like a moth to the flame, you went ahead and got involved with him anyhow. You thought he was the bees knees even when I told you that you that a leopard can’t change its spots.

Stop that grinning like a Cheshire cat. Don’t you realize what a kettle of fish this is? You really opened a can of worms this time.

Didn’t Mom ever tell you about the birds and the bees? Now it’s too late. The poor baby. I feel sorry for it and it’s not even born yet.

Don’t you have anything to say for your actions? You should get off your high horse. You think you’re the cat’s whiskers just because you’re the youngest daughter. Mom and Dad always spoiled you. The truth is that you’re no better than the rest of us.

Oh, stop it with the crocodile tears. I don’t believe them for a moment.

Has the cat got your tongue? Oh well, there’s no use flogging a dead horse. I give up. I don’t give a hoot. Birds of a feather flock together. You’re as bad as he is. You always were the black sheep of the family.

Friday, July 18, 2014

UBC Day 18 - My Five Favourite Blogs

I am doing this post in response to Write Tribe's Wednesday prompt http://writetribe.com/ asking about our five favourite blogs. I like many more than just five so it was hard to narrow it down, but I finally managed. 

Suzy’s blog is full of simple wisdom on how to live your life with more joy and contentment, and less worry and guilt. I always get inspired each time I read one of Suzy’s posts or see her inspirational poetry and lovely photos. I feel like I’ve had a therapy session. Thanks, Suzy. You help me put things in perspective and get into a positive frame of mind. How much do I owe you?;)

I enjoy Laurel Reagan’s blog Alphabet Salad. It’s always so eclectic with uplifting, thought-provoking posts and wonderful artwork and photos by Laurel. I love those zentangles, Laurel. They’re so much fun!

Debbie Doglady’s blog is fun and upbeat. She often posts about her many travels accompanied by gorgeous photos. She is very funny and pokes gentle fun at things like aging. I’m still laughing at her parody of the Bee Gee’s song “Tragedy” which she renamed “Gravity.” She likes to reminisce about the good ol days which I always enjoy. She is also very helpful with tips about blogging and how to use blogging platforms, Blogger and Wordpress.

I always enjoy Shailaja’s posts full of useful advice and humourous anecdotes about motherhood or her imaginative short fiction at http://shailajav.wordpress.com/. I can tell Shailaja is a no nonsense type of lady who likes things efficient and in order. I can also tell she has a heart of gold and a great sense of humour. She isn’t quite as stern as she lets on (but watch out for those pointy-toed boots, though.) Like Vidya, she is always there to support fellow bloggers with helpful advice and encouragement. 

Vidya’s blogs are always chock full of helpful information, with a good dose of humour and affection thrown in. I always learn so much from her. I can feel her genuine warmth and appreciate the generosity she shows to other bloggers. She and Corinne are great Tribe moms at Write Tribe and we know we can come to them for help and support at any time. I credit Write Tribe for keeping me writing as everyone is so kind, helpful and supportive.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

UBC Day 17 - If Only Life Was A Musical

If life was a musical, I’d always be singing
Music would follow me around,
Trumpets would announce me and bells would be ringing
What a joyous sound!

I’d be Maria on the mountain with the wind in my hair

I’d be Eliza selling flowers in the street,

I’d be Mary, with my umbrella, flying in the air

I’d be Orphan Annie looking so sweet,

Why can’t life be a musical? It really isn’t fair
I’d sing my heart out all day long, anytime, anywhere!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

UBC Day 15 - Have a Beautiful Butterfly Day!

I adore butterflies. They are such a delight to see with their bright colours as they flit about the garden. How I wish I could fly among the flowers and high up in the sky like they do. Hard to imagine that such a delicate creature can fly long distances and endure harsh winds, rain and varying temperatures.

I’m sad that I don’t see as many butterflies as I did in my childhood. Maybe there are less of them or maybe I’m not looking as hard. As an adult, I do find that my mind is often preoccupied and I miss things that an observant child would notice.

I can’t resist buying butterfly scrapbook paper, butterfly stickers etc. If it’s got a butterfly on it, I like it.   I bought these lovely 3D butterflies at Dollar It yesterday and had to try them out on a craft project. 

Butterflies are also a symbol of hope for Bereaved Families of Ontario. Recently I had the privilege of playing my flute for their Butterfly Bereavement Ceremony, along with my friend, Sharon who plays harp.  

Each bereaved family came up to the mic to say the name of their deceased loved one. Then they received a live butterfly in a box. I played my flute and led all the families out to the garden where they released their butterflies in memory of their lost loved one.

I found the whole ceremony so touching and powerful. What a privilege to be a part of something so meaningful.

Here is a card I made using a lovely poem that Bereaved Families of Ontario have on their site. http://www.bfo-ottawa.org/documents/TheButterfly.pdf

Have a Beautiful Butterfly Kind of a Day!

Monday, July 14, 2014

UBC Day 14 - Take One Positive Step Forward.

I've been in a bit of a rut this week. Writing this poem was therapeutic as it reminded me that I need to take action, even one small step. Taking action is the key.

When the future seems too scary and bleak
When you just can’t seem to move,
When you don’t know where to find what you seek
When you feel they all disapprove,

Take one positive step forward, one tiny step
That’s all that’s required by you,
Taking action of any kind
Will help to see it through,

Taking action starts the journey,
Even if it might feel strange,
Before you know it, you’re up and moving
And on the road to change.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

UBC Day 13 - Today is Embrace Your Inner Geek Day!

Today we pay tribute to our inner geek and to all the geeks of the world. 

Even my Malamute Loup A. Graham got caught up in the excitement of the day and insisted on a special photo shoot for the occasion.

Geeks have always had a bad reputation for being social misfits who dress badly. They prefer interacting with machines to people and are considered obsessive and weird.

I say we need to celebrate the Geeks of this world and appreciate their valuable contributions. Think of all the famous and successful geeks who have changed our world such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many others. 

Without geeks we’d have none of this wonderful technology like this laptop I’m working on. Or the nifty programs I work with to do my writing and edit my photos.

Without them, we’d have no Internet with all the cool sites to interact with like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, email and so on.

We'd have no cell phones and no GPS systems to guide us on our way.

I’ve never thought of myself as particularly geeky but I am an Internet addict and I do love fooling around with programs on the computer. 

Since I grew up in the pre-computer age, I find it all so magical, whereas my sons' generation accept it as the norm. 

Thank you, Geeks for making the world so connected and fun.

Let’s hear it for GEEKS! Now go share or tweet something about GEEKS like a good little GEEK! YEH!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

UBC Day 12 - Dark Clouds

I haven't been in the best of moods the past couple of days. Nothing puts a dent in my creativity faster than fatigue and worry. Mix those two things together and my Muse is nowhere to be found.

Slowly I'm pushing those dark clouds away to see brighter skies once again. It's a continuous process that takes daily effort but is well worth it.

In the meantime, I wrote this poem, inspired by those gorgeous clouds I took photos of the other night.

Hope you all have blue skies and that any dark clouds quickly pass by!

My thoughts are like clouds up in the sky
Flitting and fleeting, they float on by,
Some thoughts are silly, so light and airy
But some are dark and downright scary,

They rob my sleep and cause me sorrow
Making it seem like there’s no tomorrow,
Stratus cloud thoughts, so heavy and sad
Weighing  me down and making me mad,

Hovering above, they don’t want to leave
They never give me any reprieve,
Negative thought clouds, full of worry
Stealing my joy in an awful hurry,

I’m hoping this storm will soon pass by
Pushing those dark clouds from the sky,
It will be a much brighter day
Once those clouds have gone away.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UBC Day 9 - Each Day is a New Beginning

I tried out a site called www.behappyme.com to make this poster above. I am trying out different poster and quote making sites instead of always using Picasa. My verdict is that Picasa is pretty good and does the job just fine. I didn't find behappyme had much variety or flexibility. Still, it's good to try new sites to compare.

I like this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, a most inspirational woman.

Each new day is stretched out in front of us; clean, new and unspoiled, ready for us to make our mark on it.

Even if yesterday was a complete mess and we failed miserably, today a new day beckons and there is a chance to start again.

You're are not the same person as you were yesterday either.

With new thoughts and new strength, you get another chance to create the you that you want to be today.

How will you spend your new day?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

UBC Day 8 - Pebbles in Your Shoe

This poem was written in response to Write Tribe's Wednesday prompt based on Vidya Sury's book review of the book "Pebble in Your Shoe by Jim Fannin http://vidyasury.com/2014/07/the-pebble-in-the-shoe.html

Write Tribe

How many of us have pebbles in our shoe that keep us from becoming the people we want to be? 

Do you have pebbles in your shoe?
You’re not alone if you do,
Guilt and anger, frustration and worry
Can fill up our shoes in an awful hurry,

As can jealousy, envy and guilt
Like a clogged river full of silt,
Pebbles can cause us so much pain
Opening blisters again and again,

Rejection is one we writers know
It drags us down and we feel so low,
Pebbles soon turn into boulders
Like heavy weights upon our shoulders,

It’s time to let those pebbles go
Do it now before they grow,
Possibilities are waiting just for you
If you can learn to empty your shoe.

Monday, July 7, 2014

UBC Day 7 - The Three Cs

The Three Cs that I can't live without would be:



And Chocolate,

For this post, I'm focusing on three other C words since I found this great quote that I put into a quote image maker called Quozio.com.

I love fooling around with photo editing sites and now I have a bunch of quote poster making places to try thanks to http://writetodone.com/get-shares-social-media/

I rather like the results and what a great quote to remember and live by.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

UBC Day 6 - Queen of Your Own Life

I’ve been subscribing to Queen of your own Life’s Facebook Page for some time now. I love the beautiful Queen posters that Kathy and Cindy create daily with the gorgeous vintage photos and positive messages.

These lovely posters help me get in the right mindset to face the day. I enjoy sharing them on Facebook and know they resonate with women everywhere.

Thank you, Kathy and Cindy for reminding us that we are all queens who deserve a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Here is a link to their Facebook page and their website.

Here are a few thoughts I have of what it means to be a Queen of your own life:
  • Although we may not be able to control everything that happens to us, we can control our attitude.
  • We deserve love and respect from others, but especially from ourselves.
  • We are stronger and more resilient that we realize.
  • We have a purpose and have many strengths and talents to share with the world.
  • We should enjoy life and see it as a grand adventure instead of an endurance test.  
In Weight Watchers, they suggest having an anchor, an actual physical object to hold to remind us of our weight loss goals.

Recently I found this crown at Michael’s Craft Store and thought it was perfect to be my Queen anchor.

When I hold it in my hand, it reminds me that I’m a Queen of my own life.

Let’s go, Queens! The world is waiting for us to make our mark and make a difference. Make it a good one!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

UBC Day 5 - In my next life I want to be my cat, Kobie

In my next life, I want to be a cat like my cat, Kobie.

He can sleep anywhere at any time of day, and never feels any guilt about it.

Kobie has a playful attitude and enjoys the moment.

Self pity and self doubt don’t exist in Kobie's world.

Kobie never worries about whether he’s measuring up to anyone else’s expectations.

Kobie basks in the adoration of humans catering to his every whim.

Kobie is impulsive and a real self starter. Sometimes it’s too much of a good thing.

Kobie's only worries are whether the food dish is full and the litter box is clean. What a great life!

Yes, in my next life I want to be a cat like Kobie, most definitely!

All this talk about wanting to be a cat makes me think of that great song from the "Aristocats", "Everybody wants to be a cat." I just had to share that, too. And this one has the words on it. Everybody sing now! 

Have a Kobie kind of a day, Everyone!

Friday, July 4, 2014

UBC Day 4 - You have sight but do you really see?

For a deaf and blind person, Helen Keller saw and understood more than many sighted people.

How many of us truly see what’s around us? We have the gift of sight but fail to see for whatever reason. Perhaps we’re too busy and distracted, too tired, too complacent and too apathetic.

We could learn a lot from children who delight in seeing and interacting with everything around them. They see so much that we miss.

When was the last time you really looked with that first time feeling of newness and excitement?

Surely as adults, we can recapture that feeling if we try hard enough.

Why not give ourselves permission to be in the moment and just be? 

Put the “to do” list away for a while and ditch the guilt. 

Go and see what you've been missing.

I am participating at Write Tribe 

Write Tribe

and the Ultimate Blogging Challenge for July. 


Love those challenges! They're the best!