Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ten Writer Promises #BarAThon

Today is the last day of the 7 day blogging festival. PHEW! I made it! Wasn't easy but the pressure was always on since the majority of the bloggers reside in India which is almost a day ahead of me here in Canada. It's been fun. Hope we do it again soon.

Today's prompt is "I promise." I decided to make a list of ten promises to keep in mind for a writer. Good to be reminded on the hard days when you want to give up.

Try freewriting where you let the words pour out uncensored, writing with joy and abandon. Isn’t that why you started writing in the first place?

Kick that Inner Critic to the curb and get rid of him for good. All he does is cause trouble making you doubt yourself. All those negative feelings inhibit you from writing. 

Make time for free writing sessions to connect with your right side writer brain. You know that feeling when you lose a sense of time. That's when you know you've connected with the abstract right brain where the good stuff resides.

Befriend other writers in person and online. Encourage and promote each other. Always keep it positive. Don’t plagiarize but find inspiration in each other’s work.

Be patient with yourself on days when the writing isn’t flowing. Don’t force it.

Try different kinds of writing and don’t be afraid to experiment with other genres like non fiction, blogging and essays. You may find something new that you really enjoy writing.

Do another activities to stimulate the writing such as reading great literature, listening to music, playing an instrument, dancing, taking photos; whatever stimulates your writer brain.

Only let that inner editor out when you’re at the revision stage. If let out too early, that inner editor wreaks havoc on a free writing session.

Join a critique group of writers you trust who respect your work and will critique in a fair and honest way without being mean or destructive.

Have adventures and go to different places even if it’s locally. Take a different route for a change of scenery. The change of perspective is a great creativity booster.

Realize you are a writer because you write. Being published is great but can take a while and be downright elusive and full of discouragement. In the meantime, if you are writing, you are a writer. Celebrate it and be proud!

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #BlueLagoon
Day 7 prompt is Promise

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wishful Thinking #BarAThon

I wish that I was young once more
With lots of time ahead,
I wish I’d opened every door
With joy instead of dread,
I wish that I had been more bold
Instead of being shy,
I wish I’d realized time is gold
And how the time does fly,

All this wishful thinking, doesn’t help at all
The past is done and can’t be changed,
Like the writing on the wall,
All I can do is be in the moment,
It’s here and then it’s gone
It’s wishful thinking to turn back time,
Like a battle that can’t be won.

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a  7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #BlueLagoon
Day 6 prompt is Wishful Thinking

Friday, August 5, 2016

Tiny Shoes Will Never Be Mine #BarAThon

Look at you with your tiny shoes
When it comes to footwear, you can choose,
Shoes look good on tiny feet
Dainty, cute and oh, so sweet,

Big feet take up so much space
Clumsy, large and lacking grace,
Finding shoes is not much fun
I feel defeated before I’ve begun,

At least my feet take me where I want to go
Trudging their way through ice and snow,
Creaking across a wooden floor
Splashing in waves along the shore,

Tiny shoes will never be mine
I’ve accepted this and that’s just fine.

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #BlueLagoon
Day 5 prompt is Tiny Shoes

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Caught Red Handed! #BarAThon

Here in Cape Breton, there is cheeky female red squirrel who raids the feeder just like the female red squirrel I have back in Ontario. I think this red squirrel is even brattier than the one back at my place, if that's possible. 

Her antics are fun to watch and of course I had to take a bunch of photos of her. She's not shy at all and I was even able to go out on the deck and take photos of her close up. She barely even noticed me and kept merrily munching away.

Her brash boldness inspired this poem for "Caught Red Handed" for today's prompt at the Barathon for the BlogaRhythm 7 day blogging festival.

Caught red handed, you cheeky brat!
Gorging on seeds and growing fat,
Cheeky squirrel, so impolite
Those poor birdies don’t get a bite,

Nothing stops a squirrel, they keep on going
Even on days when it’s sleeting and snowing,
Might as well just let her eat.
Enjoy it, Red and Bon Appetit!

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #BlueLagoon
Day 4 prompt is Caught Red Handed

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Slipping Away #BarAThon

My son Eric and I are visiting my dad in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada.

One of our favourite things to do each night is go down to the shore of the Bras d’Or Lake and watch the sunset.

I like to take loads of photos as the sun slips away below the horizon of the mountain. It goes so quickly that we can watch as it disappears.

Since the sudden death of my mother last November, the fragility of life is much more on my mind. I can’t help wondering how many more sunsets I will see.

All our lives are fragile, hanging by a thread between life and death. 

There are no guarantees we will see another sunset and we must appreciate every day we get.

The sun blazes, so bold and bright
Descending quickly towards the night,
Sparkling on the water in a brilliant display
Marking the end of another day,

How many more sunsets will we see?
That is something we can’t forsee,
Fragile lives, going by so fast
Enjoy each sunset as if it’s your last.

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #BlueLagoon
Day 3 prompt is Fragile Lives

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What You Don't Know

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 

I am with Team #BlueLagoon

Before you know it you will be old
Then what will you do?
I hate to be so pushy and bold
But someone has to talk to you,

What you don’t know is how to just be
You think you have to achieve,
Slow down and come and sit with me
Relax for a while and believe,

The world won’t end if you take a break
I really wish you could see,
Working too much is a big mistake
You will never be free,

Enjoy what’s left of your remaining years
Acceptance is the key,
Let go of your anger, let go of your fears
Let it all go and just be.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Stranger than Fiction

I am blogging for the Bar-a-thon Challenge this week with my fellow BAR members. Day number one's prompt is "Stranger than Fiction."

Since I've been going through a lot of my deceased mom's stuff, I have been sorting a lot of magazines. She just loved topics ranging from decorating, recipes and health to science, history and art. I'm sure the magazine industry is suffering without her support.

Looking at all the magazines gave me an idea for a poem based on today's theme of "Stranger than Fiction".

Magazines are a special treat
Fun to indulge in on a lazy day,
Kick back and rest your weary feet
And read what the experts say!

They tell you how to declutter, just like that
They tell you how to organize your stuff,
They tell you that clutter is making you fat
Then they say you’re good enough,

Lose weight with the diet that’s all the rage
Make cookies for your chocolate addiction,
Contradictions arise on every page
Magazines are much stranger than fiction!