Saturday, May 30, 2015

Creativity Comes From The Heart

I am taking part in the blogging festival going on at Write Tribe this week with the theme of Creativity and Inspiration. 
Write Tribe Festival of Words

As I get older,  I find that expressing my creativity and sharing it with others is so rewarding, whether it’s playing my flute and singing for others, making inspirational posters, creating artwork or sharing my Nature photos. 

If I can share with others, touching and inspiring them, then my joy in creating is that much greater. It is a true labour of love, straight from the heart.

As Chagall says, creating comes from the heart, not the head. And anything involving the heart, needs to be shared with others!

Creating for others is so worthwhile
It gives them comfort or makes them smile,
It helps defeat sadness and the mundane
It helps boost spirits up again,

I have to be ready when creativity comes
There is no warning, no roll of drums,
Creativity  is magical in every way
It touches and inspires every day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tapping into Creativity

I am taking part in the blogging festival going on at Write Tribe this week with the theme of Creativity and Inspiration. 
Write Tribe Festival of Words

I love being creative whether it’s through my creative writing, blogging, photography, music or art. Knowing which activity I should focus on is a constant struggle. I tend to work well with goals and deadlines. If I know I have a music concert coming up, I focus on practice and preparing for that. I take writing courses for the accountability. I love blogging challenges because they force me to sit down and write something to a deadline. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment when I have something finished to show for my efforts and of course sharing with other creatives is the best thing ever.
My main objective is to be creative every day because that’s what makes me come alive.

Right now I’m like a chickadee flitting to the feeder and only taking one seed at a time. As I get older, I realize that time is so precious and sometimes I let it slip away like water down the drain. I’m not getting any younger so I need to push aside the fear and distractions and just do it! As Sophia Loren says in the quote I found, when you learn to tap into the source of creativity within, you will truly have defeated age.

The chickadee flits from the feeder to the tree                                    
Eating only one seed at a time,
I think that little bird is a lot like me
It’s such an uphill climb,

Will I ever manage to move ahead?
Will I get any projects done?
Wasting time is something I dread
Will the battle ever be won?

I sit back and take a deep breath
I push the fear aside,
I realize that it’s not life or death
And I take it all in stride,

Baby steps is the way to go
Don’t be so negative and glum,
Let go of the fear and get into the flow
Then creativity will come.

Have a Creative Kind of a Day!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

Hi everyone! I'm backkkkk! My goodness! I was only going to take a short blogging break after the April A to Z Challenge but somehow it has stretched into more than two weeks. 

I’ve always been curious about the Victoria Day weekend and why Canada celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday and England doesn’t. 

I wondered why we don’t even acknowledge the date of her birthday which is May 24th and it's always the third Monday in May. 

I found this great article that explains the origins so well. So interesting to see how it has evolved over the years.

made this funny poster and wrote a little ditty to celebrate the holiday weekend. 

To all my fellow Canadians, enjoy the holiday and to everyone else, have a great weekend wherever you are!

Queen Victoria would not be amused

To see how her birth date has been abused,
We celebrate her birthday the third Monday in May
If she were alive, she'd have plenty to say,

Canadians still think Queen Victoria is great
Even if they don’t acknowledge the proper date!
Parties, barbecues, and camping out
That’s what this weekend is all about,

Put out the dock and ready the boat
Put it in the water and watch it float,
Mosquitoes bite and black flies munch
Humans make a tasty lunch!

Victoria Day weekend means winter is done
It means Canadians can have some fun,
Air out the cottage and the camping gear
Our summer season is almost here!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Reflections on the April A to Z Challenge

The A to Z challenge was lots of fun
I’m happy to say I got all the posts done,
I wanted to visit more blogs, but to my dismay
There never seemed to be enough hours in the day,

I’m a pantser and don’t plan posts ahead
Often I’d be writing til just before bed,
I thrived under pressure with a bit of luck
But there were times when I got stuck,

I’m still catching up on replies here and there
Just wanted to say thanks and that I do care,
I appreciate the support of my friends at BAR (Blog-A-Rhythm)
You guys have helped me go so far,

I enjoy many blogs, too many to name
I will try naming a few, just the same!