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This week I decided to make it extra challenging for myself and combined two challenges; first the 100 word Wordy Wednesday picture prompt of a beggar woman at Blog A Rhythm Wordy Wednesday
and second, the five sentence fiction prompt of Deception at Vinitha Dileep's Blog, The Void Thoughts.

It took a while and I scrapped many ideas, but finally came up with this story. I like these challenges that challenge you to rework the words and make each one count.

“Please help me feed my children,”the blind beggar woman pleaded, her eyes vacant as she clutched a bucket with a few coins in it.
Feeling sorry for her, I put a handful of coins in and she smiled her thanks at the heavy clinking sound.
Later I saw her dressed in a red dress, high heels and pearls as she jumped into her BMW with her boyfriend and tore off down the road.
The next day when I passed, I poured coffee into her bucket and hurried away, hearing loud cursing behind me.
I never saw her again after that.  

Freedom – #FiveSentenceFiction

I'm joining in with Vinitha Dileep's Five Sentence Fiction challenge this week with the prompt of "Freedom."

It's not that easy to make a complete story in five sentences but I like the challenge to make those words count.

At first, my sentences were long winded and wordy but I decided to slash them down to the basic essence which gave it a totally different effect.


Not guilty. Twenty years in jail, wrongly accused. DNA evidence had finally cleared Jim. Tears of joy and long awaited embraces. Freedom at last! 

#MicroblogMondays - Singing makes everything seem okay


The New Year Begins - Wordy Wednesday

I tried doing BAR's Wordy Wednesday challenge for this week. Wordy Wednesday

At first, I did try to incorporate all the phrases from Wordy Wednesday into my poem, but alas, I could only get two of them to fit.

Oh well. It was a fun poem to write and expresses my outlook on goals for the new year in a fun way.

Hope everyone's new year is progressing well so far.


As the new year starts, I begin anew With so many things I want to do Back to Basics is my phrase It guides me through these winter days
Time to make goals and lists galore Isn’t that what a new year’s for? Time to create a whole new me Slimmer, healthier and clutter-free,
I wear my badge of honour, proudly displayed I’m all pumped up and not easily swayed, I can’t wait to start my new regime Just look at me, I’m livin' the dream!
Oh, look at that, fresh chocolate cake I couldn’t help it. I love to bake! And it’s way too windy to go for a walk I won’t even make it round the block,
Why bother suffering, why all the sorrow? I’ll …


As I fumbled in my purse looking for my glasses, I noticed a man by the door smiling at me. Not wanting to appear easy, I looked away, but when I snuck a sideways glance, Mr. Smiley was still staring and smiling. He had a lot of nerve! I continued to rummage to the bottom of my bag, searching under my change purse, outdated coupons, cough drops, hand sanitizer, and orange lip balm before I finally I found my glasses. I put them on and turned around, fired up and ready to tell off Mr. Smiley for his rude presumptuous manner. Click Here!
I am joining in with Vinitha Dileep on her Five Sentence Fiction Tuesdays using the word "Smile" as the prompt.  The Void Thoughts Vinitha Dileep

That was fun, Vinitha! Thanks! I was in a bit of a slump today and that perked me right up. Just what I needed on this blah winter day in January.


I don’t make resolutions as I know I won’t keep them and it’s a sure setup for certain failure and feelings of guilt.
Even thinking of goals can be a challenge. Meanwhile the new year speeds merrily off without me while I struggle to come up with a plan. I’m so not a planning type of person and wing it last minute most of the time which can be exciting and stimulating, but not always the best approach.
I do like the idea of a word to define the new year though. I’ve been pondering what word would best define and motivate me as I move forward into 2017.
I decided on Experience. I recently turned 57 and by this age, I’ve seen a lot and experienced a lot. I tend to get into a “same old, same old” mentality at times and not appreciate the wonder of each day. Thank goodness for my writing and photography to remind me of the wonder of each moment of being alive. Even the most simple and routine days have their beauty and mystery if I look hard enough. No two days are the same even though the…

Once again, I arrive late at the party! @blogarhythm1

Is it really January 4th, 2017 already? The new year has begun in full force. It isn’t going to wait for me as I sit here trying to decide what to do with this blank slate of 365 days (er 362 days now, slow poke!) stretching out in front of me.
This year I aspire to write and be creative more regularly. That means reviving my blog that I haven’t touched since August and revising that novel draft that I completed for the Write Practice’s 100 Day challenge from August to November.
I will take lots of photos of feathered and furry friends as well as beautiful landscapes, pets, people, parties, events and my travels. I will continue making photo books and calendars of special moments to share with family and friends.

I will continue singing Alto 2 in the choir for my 13th year (hard to believe!) I will play flute in the concert band and with my harpist friend, Sharon.
I always love getting creative and taking action on it. It especially feels good to blog again. I've missed it!
Anyway, I a…