Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Eight Photos of Happiness

The Eight Photos of Happiness Challenge was started by Ariel over on  Ariel's 8 Photos of Happiness

Debbie Doglady nominated me to post eight photos of happiness. Here is her post of her eight happiness photos. I enjoyed reading your blog post about your early days with your family, your hubby, your pets and your travels, Debbie.

Thanks for the nomination, Debbie. Sorry to be so slow. I appreciate you nominating me. You know how much I love taking photos so this challenge should come easily for me. The hard part is narrowing it down to only eight.

I'm a fairly simple and down to earth person who doesn't like pretense or materialism. I'm not rich in a material sense but I'm very rich in the ways that matter. I have a loving family, great parents, adorable pets, and I enjoy being creative photographing my birds out here in the country. I don't need much more.

I decided to make a wreath collage of favourite photos of my parents, the hubs, my two sons, the cats, the dog and my favourite bird, Mr. C.

I'm so lucky to have my parents still in good health and living in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scoita.

The hubs and my sons are the best. My family means everything to me.

My pets are like therapy to me. They keep me company, take me on walks, let me cuddle them and give me unconditional love. 

Mr. C, the cardinal is my favourite of all the birds I photograph from my window. I feel such a connection to him and like to think he comes to visit me, rather than just to get seeds.

Yep, that about sums it up for what photos bring me the most happiness! Of course there are many more, but I had to pick only eight. Wasn't easy!

So I won't tag anyone but offer the challenge to anyone who wants to share their eight favourite photos. It's a fun thing to do and like gratitude posts, makes you feel blessed and grateful. We can always use more of that, right? 

All the best to you!


To participate in the 8 Photos of Happiness event:
  • Thank your nominator (me) and link to them in your post.
  • Link to the creator (Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness (The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.)
  • Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking!
  • Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Move Into a Brand New Light!

I noticed Mr. C molting recently, his magnificent red plumage looking grey and scruffy as the feathers prepare to fall out. Soon he will grow a whole new set of feathers for winter so he will look his best in my winter photos against the snow.

Sometimes I wish I could shed my feathers and grow a new set, too. Or I wish I could be like a snake and shed my old skin and emerge with a fresh new one. Younger and slimmer might be nice, too. Oh well, can't  have everything!

A cardinal does a feather purge
As summer comes to a close,
Soon new feathers will emerge
Mr. C will be ready to pose,

How I wish that I could molt like birds
To become a brand new me,
But maybe I can shed some words
In that way I’ll be free,

Words like I can’t or I’m too old
I’m too stupid and slow,
Words like these just leave me cold
These words have got to go!

Shed the words and do a purge
Move into a brand new light,
Allow the new me to emerge
Positive, happy and bright!