Have a Lucky Cardinal Day!

Are the starlings driving you crazy?
Being so annoying, so rude and lazy,
They love to squabble and act so greedy
Incredibly pushy and oh, so needy,

Don’t let the starlings get you down
Mr. Cardinal is back in town,
Annoying starlings don’t bother him
He just laughs from the evergreen limb,

Bright and colourful, chirping with glee
He sings his song from the top of the tree,
Always positive and always happy
Looking so dapper, sharp and snappy,

His cheerful presence makes me glow
He lifts me up when I’m feeling low,
It’s a lucky day when he drops by
He makes me feel like I could fly!

So chase those pesky starlings away!
And have a Lucky Cardinal Day!


  1. Beautiful photos, Cathy! ☺ Love the poem, too. You are multi-talented. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Hope you have a Lucky Cardinal Day today!

  2. Great photos! And another fun poem.

  3. Your bird photos are so lovely, Cat - thank you so much for sharing them! Cardinals are truly gorgeous creatures.

    1. I enjoy sharing them with everyone. They really inspire me and hopefully inspire others, too.

  4. Loved your poem. The Cardinal does look bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh sweet! Lovely pics to accompany a typical Cat-poem! :)


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