20 Random Things About Me. Narcissism at its finest!

I got this idea from the 30 Things List I saw on this woman's blog. Since I love prompts to get me writing, I thought I'd give it a go.


I debated whether to post the first one as it does seem a bit narcissistic to write a list all about me, me, me. IT'S ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *Head swells to the size of a football field. Snaps back to reality and am alone in my living room with only the cat for an audience* Uh, where was I?

People have the choice if they want to read this or not so I thought I'd post it. At least these prompts get me writing again. I think I'll try number 2 next. I like having a topic to write about rather than looking at a blank screen waiting for divine inspiration. Prompts work well for me. How about you?

20 Random Things About Me

1. I am shy and introverted but am prone to embarrassing outbursts of extroversion on occasion. Just ask my teen sons who are embarrassed by it. And I don’t mind singing and playing a flute in front of people. Go figure. I don’t understand it myself really.

2. I have played flute for nearly 40 years and took it up by accident when the computer gave me music in my grade 9 timetable when I’d asked for typing. I think of it as a fortunate serendipitous event that changed my life for the better. Playing music enriches my life so much.

3. I adore cats and am quite feline myself as I’m aloof and independent but also affectionate and loving. My nickname is Cat. I’m even growing whiskers and can show my claws and teeth on occasion if cornered.

4. I lived in the Arctic in a tiny community called Gjoa Haven, almost at the North Pole on King William Island in the Arctic Ocean. http://ca.epodunk.com/profiles/nunavut/gjoa-haven/2000836.html

I survived the darkness and winter cold with temps near -60C with wind chill (always add wind chill, much more impressive ;) being isolated in Gjoa Haven for 8 months with hubby and my two boys who were 4 and 2 at the time. Aren’t you impressed by my endurance? Haha! We did have a nice house though and not an igloo.

5. I adore musicals of all kinds and often wish life could be like a musical. Sound of Music and Oliver are favourites right from childhood.  I love the latest film of “Les Misérables” It totally captivated me from start to finish with wonderfully authentic settings, costumes, makeup, acting and singing. It deserves all the praise and awards. As Wagner would say, it was gesamtkunstwerk.

6. I am very honest and wear my emotions openly. I dislike workplaces where people pretend in order to make themselves look good and get ahead.

7. I was an airforce kid who moved around a lot which was hard but a good education in learning about different places and learning to adapt.

8. I have ugly thumb nails covered with bumpy ridges and ugly big toes that poke through shoes. Guess I’ll give up my aspirations to be a hand and foot model.

9. I am a coffeeaholic. I can guzzle a whole pot in no time flat. That’s not a good thing, is it?

10. I am also a chocoholic. It’s taken all my strength to cut back in order to lose some weight at WW. I still indulge on occasion but not quite as much as before.

11. I enjoy lame chick flicks and reading predictable romances. Guilty pleasures just like eating the chocolate.

12. Jane Eyre, the BBC 2006 version with Toby Stephens as Mr. R. is one of my favourite movies. *Wipes drool off keyboard.*

13. I abhor commercialism and materialism with a passion. If the world would stop buying so much stuff that we don’t need, many of our problems would be solved. Unfortunately consuming seems to drive the economy.

14. I write a Facebook account for my Malamute, Loup, www.loupslifelessons.blogspot.com and I let my inner wolf come out in Loup’s voice. Great fun to say things in Loup’s saucy voice what I’d never have the courage to say myself. I often wish I had Loup's bravado as he is so bold and brash in real life and never has any doubts or lapses in self confidence. Full speed ahead with Loup.

15. I suck at math, science and logic. Give me creative right brain anytime.

16. I can be vague, scattered and dreamy. This seems to be worsening with age. I am also not much of a planner and my time management skills can be patchy at times unless I have a deadline. It drives organized, efficient people crazy when they have to deal with me. Hey, I get the job done even if it’s not the way they would do it.

17. I am fiercely loyal and devoted towards my friends but don’t cross me as I have a bad temper. I forgive but it takes a while.

18. I like thrift stores. Something so magical about the thrill of discovery once you get beyond the musty smell. I keep thinking I'd like to write a short story with a thrift store as the setting.

19. I have a good sense of humour and love to poke fun at life’s absurdities and at myself. I try not to take myself too seriously. I’m only a mere mortal full of flaws just like all other humans.

20. I like these numbered list thingies and enjoy articles with top ten tips for this and that. Something comforting to think it could all be summed up neatly in a list. I like making lists as they give me the illusion that I’m organized but then I lose or forget the lists due to number 16. Sigh. 


  1. Love this!! So well written! Love the humour and the honesty, as well as the things you chose to include in this list!

  2. Thanks, Joyce. You're always so supportive. Much appreciated. Hope you're having a great Thursday in your sweet gallery creating your beautiful artwork.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mary. I appreciate you reading my fluffy chatterings!


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