High School Reunion

Here is a short piece I wrote for a challenge over at Shailaja's wonderful blog.


We had to use the suggested prompts and keep it under 50 words but not less than 15. Harder than it looks. I used the word "reunion" and the phrase "At long last." Not very easy to get it down to such a short word count but I tried my hand at doing exactly 50 words. These challenges are so good for learning to make each word count.

I searched the auditorium for a familiar face but found no one. So much for my high school reunion.
Just as I was leaving, a woman touched my arm.
“Carrie from grade 10 English, right?”
 “Janet? Great to see you!” Not horrible two-faced Janet!
 At long last someone knew me.


  1. VERY WELL done. I have been there -- felt the emotion. Bravo to you

  2. You have done such incredible justice to the prompt, dear Cat! Why you thought you could not is a mystery to me :)

    Very glad you linked this up!

  3. :D Excellent, Cat! How Fate can have the last laugh, sometimes!

  4. You've done so well with the prompts. This piece sounded so real!

  5. You never cease to impress me. Well done!

  6. Well done, Cat! That was super. I have a school reunion coming up soon. Hopefully, I will see a few familiar faces. :)


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