The New Year Has Begun!

I notice lots of people writing their reflections on the past year and their hopes and goals for 2016.

I found 2015 a very difficult year with the death of my mother. Nothing like the death of a parent to make a person take stock and ponder what it all means.

I didn’t do any blogging for all of December as it was all about performing music, music, music and more music which I loved. No complaints, but it was a hectic month.

That transition time after all the craziness of the Christmas season is one I always struggle with. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels on ice and not getting anywhere with my projects.

I decided to write a poem to get the muse off her butt (and a big one it is after all that Christmas indulging, I must say!)

This poem is from my orange tabby cat, Kobie’s point of view. For a cat who sleeps most of the day, he can be quite opinionated, can’t he?

Kobie’s Reflections on the New Year

The new year is into the second day
Do I look like I care?
Would you please just go away?
And let me snooze in my chair,

I don’t care about the new year
Resolutions are a bore,
I’m just happy to sleep right here
Goals are such a chore,

Go away and let me nap
Don’t you know you’re being rude?
Later I’ll come and sit on your lap
And let you give me food,

If you want something fun to do
Instead of matching socks,
I have the perfect job for you
You can clean my litter box,

My expectations have not changed at all
Even if the year is new,
Just continue being at my beck and call
That’s all you have to do!

Happy 2016 to everyone! I hope it will be a great year for us all!


  1. Very cute. I think I want Kobie's life.

  2. Trust him to take all the fun of resolutions. 😉 Glad to see you posting again, Cat. Hugs and good wishes for a wonderful 2016.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Shailaja. Feels good to be writing again. Time to get back into the routine.

      Hope you have a wonderful 2016, too!

  3. Haha...ah to be a cat! They have wonderful lives, don't they? Especially when they are the masters/mistresses of the house. My cats have me well-trained and I reckon, like Kobie, have similar wishes for 2016.

    Happy New Year Cat and hope 2016 is awesome!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sanch. Yes, cats sure have it great, don't they? Well, some cats like yours and mine. I know some don't. Still, it looks pretty good sleeping all day, playing a little and eating a lot. A bit dull maybe but I could adapt! Haha!

      Happy New Year to you, too! Hope you have a great year!

  4. My spouse has not been owned by a cat for a long time. If we were, that cat would be the boss of the house for certain. I'm smiling. Not sure I would want to sleep all day, but the playing and eating part I could handle easily.

    1. I could handle it easily, too, Alana. Meow! Thanks for your comment. Happy 2016!

  5. Happy new year Cat! That was such a catty poem ;) I'm glad to see your post after long. Hope to see some of your beautiful bird pics soon.

  6. It must have been a difficult holiday season for you, Cat, so it's good that you were kept busy. ((HUGS))
    Loved the poem and the CATtitude of Kobe! ☺ They say "dogs have masters but cats have staff". There's truth in that. LOL

    1. Thanks, Debbie. You are kind.

      Yes, that Kobie sure rules his kingdom around here and thinks we are all his slaves. And of course we go along with it.

  7. Happy New Year Cat! Happy to see you blogging after a break. Kobbie does have a wonderful life. :)

    1. He certainly does have the good life, doesn't he? Must be nice. Thanks for the encouragement about me blogging. Feels good to be back.

  8. Aww, Cat! This is so cute! :D
    Have happy new year!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and glad you like it, TOT!

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  9. Oh Kobie's a clever cat. Loved your poem. Wishing you a wonderful 2016.

    1. Thanks, Suzy. That Kobie is the king for sure. Hope you have a great 2016, too!


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