Stranger than Fiction

I am blogging for the Bar-a-thon Challenge this week with my fellow BAR members. Day number one's prompt is "Stranger than Fiction."

Since I've been going through a lot of my deceased mom's stuff, I have been sorting a lot of magazines. She just loved topics ranging from decorating, recipes and health to science, history and art. I'm sure the magazine industry is suffering without her support.

Looking at all the magazines gave me an idea for a poem based on today's theme of "Stranger than Fiction".

Magazines are a special treat
Fun to indulge in on a lazy day,
Kick back and rest your weary feet
And read what the experts say!

They tell you how to declutter, just like that
They tell you how to organize your stuff,
They tell you that clutter is making you fat
Then they say you’re good enough,

Lose weight with the diet that’s all the rage
Make cookies for your chocolate addiction,
Contradictions arise on every page
Magazines are much stranger than fiction!


  1. Haha! That was a very amusing take on the prompt, Cat! You are right, magazines are weird...some say one thing and others say the complete opposite..:)

    1. They do like to contradict themselves, often within the same magazine like the ones going on about dieting and then giving you a fattening cheesecake recipe. Oh well. Guess they need to please everyone. Thanks for dropping by, Shilpa!

  2. true magazines are a world of it's own, superficial and so away from reality. They find every single fault in us and go on to fix it too :P

    1. They do like to think they have all the answers for us, don't they? I don't subscribe to any magazines anymore but occasionally buy one from the newsstand if it catches my interest. Besides, my mom has more than enough for me to look at for the next twenty years. YIKES! Now to hire a truck to bring them back to Ontario!

  3. Magazines are 'know-it-all' and come up with conflicting messages!! Love your fun take on the prompt, Cat :)

  4. haha... this is awesome... and so true too :)
    They tell you all the reasons you should be unhappy and then all the things that show you are blessed in the same issue often

  5. Such a pleasant ditty out of a sombre situation. Truly you, Cat!

  6. Hahaha... This is a good one... Even though some of them may not make sense all the time, I do like flipping the pages of some magazines sometimes for the only reason that I want to look at what the models are wearing :-P

  7. Wow! I loved your take on the prompt. Well magazines are indeed an addiction.

  8. Hehwheheh
    Enjoyed reding about magazines .
    Everything is so true about them

  9. Good one on the prompt and true. Magazines have all those funny advises and ideas.

  10. Haha!! Magazines sure give us all the advises, suggestions, things to not do and do and so on!



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