Tiny Shoes Will Never Be Mine #BarAThon

Look at you with your tiny shoes
When it comes to footwear, you can choose,
Shoes look good on tiny feet
Dainty, cute and oh, so sweet,

Big feet take up so much space
Clumsy, large and lacking grace,
Finding shoes is not much fun
I feel defeated before I’ve begun,

At least my feet take me where I want to go
Trudging their way through ice and snow,
Creaking across a wooden floor
Splashing in waves along the shore,

Tiny shoes will never be mine
I’ve accepted this and that’s just fine.

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #BlueLagoon
Day 5 prompt is Tiny Shoes


  1. Oh yes, this is so similar to what I wrote. But yours has been expressed so well in this concise yet well crafted poem. Woes of less than perfect feet!

  2. been there too... but my first thought was you leave large footprints that are hard to follow

  3. Me and you both, Cat. I've always had awkward feet. :) Two sizes larger than my peers.

  4. Haha...one of my friend struggles with having big feet too....She finds it hard to get a right pair that fits and is beautiful too.....:)


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