Why I write

Sometimes I wonder why I write
I even wonder in the dark of night,
Racing thoughts keep me awake
Why can’t they give me a break?
Too many thoughts with nowhere to go
Some are disjointed and others flow,
Thoughts of hate, thoughts of sadness,
Thoughts of love and thoughts of gladness,
Poems, stories, and even my blog
Float around in my mind’s soupy bog,
I ladle them out to make sense of the mess
What I will create is anyone’s guess,
That is why I have to write
Can you identify with my plight?


  1. I can completely identify with your plight. I'm afraid I might stay up all night writing sometimes! ;)

  2. Same here. And like Corine so have I spent many a nights and days only writing. In fact only a piece of it surfaces back on the blog :D :D

    We all are here to empathise with you on this :D :D



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