C is for true Colours

I’ve always loved this song by Cyndi Lauper and had her album back in the 1980s. 

We are singing a version in choir this season which is similar to the original but slightly different.

Her song was the source of inspiration for my poem and inspirational poster today. 

I am using one of my favourite subjects, my cat Kobie to create my poster about True Colours. (Note the extra "u" for Canadians who tend to cling to the British spellings!)

True Colours

First impressions are not always right
They’re fuzzy like an old faded pic,
You see the person in a hazy light
You don’t know yet what makes them tick,

Like an old Polaroid photo from years gone by ,
The person gradually appears,
You can’t rush the process, so don’t even try
Sometimes it takes many years,

Over time, the truth is revealed
You start to see them in every hue,
Like an onion with the layers peeled
Their true colors come shining through!

This April I am participating in the A-Z Challenge 

and the NaPoWroMo Challenge NaPoWriMo where I will write a post and a poem for each letter of the alphabet each day in April except for Sundays.


  1. So very true - the first line of your poem had me nodding my head in agreement. Definitely something I've experienced from both sides! Thanks for sharing, Cat. :)

    1. Thanks, Laurel. I don't like it when people label or judge me on first impressions as sometimes I'm shy and awkward, holding back which people interpret as me being slow and stupid. I've always hated that label being slapped on me.

  2. So true Cat! I have had so many experiences like this - getting a wrong impression of a person when I meet them first and then discovering their true colors! Well penned :)

    Read my post Crux

    1. Thanks, Swathi. I do believe first impressions aren't always accurate and it's worth taking time to know the person.

  3. Lovely poem and how true! I love the coloured pics of your cat too! :) <3

  4. Wonderful post, and the sleeping kitten is so sweet.

  5. You know, this is true both ways. First judgments are generally snap judgments and they can be wrong, although Malcolm Gladwell says otherwise in 'Blink' :)

    *Shailaja/Alternate Angles/A-Z*

    1. That Malcolm Gladwell always has something to say, doesn't he? I read some of that first book of his about your birthplace and year of birth affecting how successful you are using Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as examples.

  6. that's very well said. Indeed one needs time to know a person

    1. So true, isn't it? We all tend to label or judge but we don't really know the person.

  7. That was one hundred percent true, Cat! Impressions can be deceiving, esp, those made in the first meeting. We really ought to peel the layers away to know the real person underneath, before we reach any conclusions.

    1. Thanks, Shilpa. It's always been my experience not to trust first impressions and to take time to know someone without judging.


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