M is for Magical Moments captured in photos #AtoZChallenge

Moments pass, from January to December
Precious moments, we want to remember,
Magical moments, so wondrous and pure
We must be ready when they occur,

The seasons change, the days go fast
Photos help make moments last,
I try to take photos every day
To capture moments in a special way,

I take photos of the squirrels and birds
Face it, I’m one of those camera nerds,
My cameras are waiting, handy and near
Always ready should that moment appear,

Cats and dogs, cute kids and trees
Clouds in the sky, spring flowers and bees,
Cities and villages, around and about
I capture the moments, inside or out

I click away and the camera complies
Capturing moments, I see with my eyes,
Sometimes it’s a dud and sometimes it’s gold
I’ll look back on these moments when I am old,

Magical moments are here and then gone
Capture the moments and make them live on.

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge writing a blog post for every day in April, except Sundays. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

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  1. I'm amazed how quickly and easily you compose these poems, Cathy. Another nice one! Your nature photos are enjoyable, too. A woman of many talents!

  2. I've seen your critter pics on Facebook! :D
    True, we capture the magical moments of life in our camera. And sometimes, we capture them in words on our blogs... so we can look back on those when we're old.

    Btw, I'm lagging behind. (Was unwell.) Will post my 'L' and catch up with your 'L' next Sunday. In the meantime, DO visit my 'M'.

    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @ www.mysteriouskaddu.com


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