Blog Challenge 2017

Blog Challenge 2017

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean, so majestic and vast
I gaze at the waves and imagine times past,
Point Michaud on the Cape Breton coast
Is one of the places I love the most,
The waves so huge, all capped with white
Crashing and splashing with all their might,
Being here makes my life seem small
I’m a blink of an eye in the scheme of it all,
The ocean keeps going on and on
And will continue long after I’m gone.


  1. There is something soothing about knowing the ocean will be there long after we are gone...I almost did ocean too:)

    1. Great minds think alike,eh,Talya? Off to read your post next.

  2. Lovely poem. It is one of those things that are ever changing but still constant.


  3. I love the ocean; however, seeing one is a rare treat. I wish I lived closer to a shore.

  4. I'm originally from California, and was a true California Beach bunny until I moved away. BooHoo, how I miss going to the beach everyday.

  5. Nice poem. Whenever my mind is turbulent, I close my eyes and imagine a serene ocean in the sunset or sunrise. Always brings me peace.