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Dinner Invitation

I am linking this to from-15-to-50-fiction  the Fiction Challenge at The Moving Quill "From 15 to 50" and using Shailaja Vishwanath's photo for the prompt. Dinner Invitation 19 words That was the last time Milton would accept a dinner invitation without checking what was on the menu first.

Rainbows and Butterflies

I love Jonathan Lockwood Huie's daily quotes and inspirational posts. Today he writes that it’s important to look for the small miracles of daily life instead of always waiting for the big miracles which may or may not happen. Everything is a Miracle Each day we see small miracles all around if we open our eyes and minds to see them. Here is a small miracle, a beautiful photo that my son Rory took of his walk in the woods with our dog, Loup during the snowfall yesterday. I think it’s so magical when the snow clings to the trees like this as if they fairies came by and dusted snow on each branch. So picturesque. Maybe I won’t be so in awe of the snow by March but right now it looks gorgeous on the trees as the first snowfall of the winter. Here is another small miracle. I shared a wonderful post about writing by my good friend Shailaja that is definitely worth a read. The-real-reason-you-should-write At that same moment in time, Shailaja said she rece


I’ve always had a fascination for mannequins. I find them creepy but intriguing at the same time. They seem so life like but yet cold and distant from being human. Mannequins come in different styles and looks. Some are very chic and elegant where some are downright tacky. Whenever I see some I like to take photos of them. I can almost hear them talking to me as they look at me in their bored, condescending manner. And why shouldn’t they be condescending? After all, they’re so perfect with their classic features and slim figures. Their hair and makeup are always perfect. And of course, their clothes always look good. No dirt or food stains on their outfits. These mannequins I saw at the Rideau Centre were totally white with strong chiselled features like Greek and Roman statues. These ones in Toronto had bald white heads like aliens. I didn't like them as much as the ones with actual hair and facial features. This one in Montreal didn’t even