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#Monday Musings - Keeping Going Through Adversity

Last week I had a horrible bout of a 24 hour flu with a lovely visit to Vomitland (love that description. Thanks, Liz!) that rendered me weak and useless for a day or two. Now I have a head cold that I caught from the hubs. I just had a humongous nosebleed this morning due to my nose being so irritated. That added to Daylight Savings Time, and my awful menopausal hot flashes making it so hard to sleep, it's no wonder I am one cranky bit….er lady these past few days.  All these physical challenges are wearing me down and yet, I still have lots to be grateful for. Being sick sure makes me appreciate being healthy. Keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humour is extra challenging, but worth the effort. Giving up and becoming a whiny drudge doesn’t help anything. I remember my dear departed mother in her final years. She had many health challenges and was too frail to do a lot at the end of her life. I’m sure she would have liked to travel more as she always loved tra

Postcard fun at

I have already written about my love of snail mail letter writing and even wrote a poem about it last year for the A-Z blog post challenge.  L is for Letter Writing   I’ve never been one to send postcards and usually prefer letters because postcards aren’t big enough for everything I want to say. Still, they are quick and fun to do so I have gotten addicted to the whole game of sending postcards at is a fun free site devoted to sending postcards and sharing with other members. There are also lots of fun stats for you stat-happy souls out there. There are also maps that show all the places in the world where I’ve received and sent cards. They even have a forum with discussion threads. I haven't ventured into that yet. I'm still busy doing the cards. First register at the site and create a profile where you can upload your photo and tell a bit about yourself. You make a request and receive an address from a random per

Wordy Wednesday - The Many Sides of Facebook

I am writing a poem for this week’s Wordy Wednesday   prompt at Blog-A-Rhythm using the words irritate, instant, inspire and insight in the poem. The Many Sides of Facebook Facebook, you irritate me like a stone in my shoe! I often wonder if there’s hope for you, So fake and phony, so nasty and mean Rude and obnoxious, and often obscene, At the risk of sounding like a grump Enough with the posts about Donald Trump Enough with the gossip, enough with the fluff I tell you Facebook, I’ve had enough! I want to see cats, cats and cats galore Isn’t that what Facebook’s for? Or vintage photos and lovely quotes Uplifting stories and encouraging notes, In an instant , you can change, you can touch and i nspire With insight and kindness, I can’t help but admire, Facebook, sometimes you’re really there I love it when you show you care, That’s the Facebook I want to see Enough of all this stupidity!