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Summer Moments in the Country - June 24, 2016

In summer, I like to ride my bike in the evenings when it’s cooler and the lighting is golden which makes for beautiful photos. Last night I took a ride down a country road and watched the farmer making hay bales. He was making the old fashioned square kind as opposed to the round Muffett style. Every now and then he had to stop and open up his special bale maker and move the spools around containing the wire binding twine. I passed these two horses and of course I had to stop and say hello to them. These two looked so golden in the evening light. I noticed they were followed by a big flock of brownish-black birds and realized they must be cow birds. Now I know why they are called that. They don’t moo after all! They just like to follow horses and cows around because that’s where all the flies are. This lovely boy noticed me taking his photo and even posed for me. I took photos of these daisies in the evening sun, their golden faces upturned and

TMI: 26 Things About Me #Blogfest

Debbie Doglady is hosting a Blogfest over on her blog where we can share these 26 questions and learn a bit more about each other.  She has a Linky set up that is open for a month should you care to join in on the fun and want to share your post. Here are my questions and answers. Some answers were sad and some were silly, but all in good fun, right? I roll up my sleeves and giggle with glee As I fill in the 26 things about me, Should I  make stuff up or tell it straight? Just hurry up, Cathy. It's getting late! Will anyone care about this fluff? Does anyone even read this stuff? It's good for a laugh and all in fun I promise to read yours if you do one! So here I go without further adieu My 26 things about me for you! A Age 56 (December 21, 1959) B Biggest fear - losing my family in a tragic way  C Current time Mid morning, almost noon and I’m being lazy lolling about in pjs. Hey, it’s Saturday!

Magical Moments

Last Sunday morning I was watching from my window. In the space of five minutes, I saw the hummingbird, a baby rabbit and the cardinal. I managed to get photos of them all to relive those magical moments. I especially like Mr. C's blurred tail feathers as it gives him a mysterious ethereal look as if he's going to disappear into the air at any moment. Magical moments, how quickly they pass Like a ripple of wind on a patch of grass, Savour the moment like gentle rain. This moment will never come again.