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Halloween is almost here!

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Why I love fall

I am participating in BlogHer NaBloPoMo for October 2013 and the theme is FALL.  Love those blog challenges and reading other bloggers' posts! Always a fun time! My favourite thing about autumn would have to be the colourful foliage. Here in Canada, the trees put on a spectacular display of red, gold and orange leaves. The sun is lower in the sky and bathes everything in a golden light. I especially appreciate the finery, knowing that it is here for such a brief time. Soon the trees will be naked and grey and we’ll all be bracing ourselves for the onset of winter. As much as I love fall, I find it a melancholy time with the shorter, colder days and all the plants withering away. I want to make it stop and last longer but of course it never does. Maple leaves blaze crimson red Gently floating past my head, Gone is summer’s oppressive heat Leaves rustle and crunch beneath my feet, My eyes feast on nature’s glorious show I know that soon the leaves will