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She had the last laugh

Image This story was written for Write Tribe's 100 words on a Saturday using the prompt "She had the last laugh." I managed to squeeze in the "She looked most beautiful" prompt for the Wednesday challenge as well since I saw someone else do that and thought it was a great idea. “This spaghetti tastes like crap!” Bob tossed the plate onto the floor. As Meg kneeled down to clean up the mess, he kicked her in the head again. Grabbing a beer, Bob went to watch hockey, leaving her bleeding amidst noodles and sauce. The next night she served chicken with a special garlic sauce she created herself. Amazingly Bob actually liked it. She looked most beautiful on the day of the funeral. Smiling behind her tissue as they lowered Bob’s coffin, Meg stifled a laugh. That two for one sale on rat poison had been too hard to pass up.  

55 on a Friday

Little did she know how exhilarating it was to write again after a dry spell where no words would flow. She wondered why she hadn’t done it sooner and vowed to make it a habit to write every day no matter what else was happening in her chaotic life. The rewards were so worth it!