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Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge 2017

I wasn't thinking of doing the A to Z Challenge this year but reading everyone else's Theme Reveal has gotten me enthused and remembering how much fun it is to do. So I guess I'll take the plunge and do my usual "Winging it" style, writing the post on the day it's due. Why change? Planning ahead? Ha! Not my style. So I have decided that my theme will be: DRUM ROLLLLLLLLL Poetry, Pics and Prose These combine my three favourite things and should one fail me one day, the others will surely come to the rescue. I like to have options. I will try to vary it but some days a photo or a quickly whipped up poem might have to suffice for the day. Prose is harder but I will try when the inspiration hits. I have been doing the FMS Photo A Day challenge for March and have been enjoying that very much. Those lucky Australians with their beautiful summery beach vistas while Canada is still slogging through the end of winter. So much talent there and so many m


I am writing this five sentence fiction to join in with Vinitha Dileep for her weekly Five Sentence Fiction on her blog   The Void Thoughts Five Sentence Fiction  and this week's prompt is the word Witness. Thanks, Vinitha! These challenges are fun to do. Witness “Stop hurting him!” I cried as they punched that coloured boy, Joe Johnson who worked at the corner store, but they only laughed at me since I was dumb Savannah, that white trash girl from the trailer park, a nobody. Finally they got bored and ran off to see what other mean things they could do in our backward Lousiana town on that sultry summer night in 1962. I took Joe’s large dark hand in my smaller white one and helped him to his feet. “If only more people were kind like you,” he said, his warm dark eyes meeting mine. In that moment, I knew I wanted to marry this man some day, despite the prejudice and challenges we would face.