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#Cherished Objects Blogfest

I signed up for the Cherished Blogfest Challenge a while back, forgetting that I’d be on vacation at my parents’ place. It’s a bit more challenging to blog while on vacation with all the routine gone, but it can be done. Looking at the huge stack of photo books I’ve made of our visits over the years gave me an idea to use them as my cherished objects. I believe it’s important to preserve the memories by getting the photos off the camera and computer. By creating these books, people can look at them and cherish the memories for years to come. Open a photo book and disappear To another time, another year, Memories come spilling out So much that I’d forgotten about, We’re older now and the boys have grown It’s amazing how the time has flown, I cherish the books more than silver or gold I will cherish them as much when I grow old. I am participating in the three day #Cherished Blogfest.

#MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays - Ten Question Tag - Some Quiz Fun

These quizzes are always good for a chuckle or a grimace, depending on if you like them or not. I enjoy reading other peoples' answers and learning a bit more about them and of course I enjoy doing them for that narcissistic high I get talking about myself. Hehehe! Just kiddin!  I like quizzes. Didn't you ever do all those silly quizzes in Tiger Beat and Seventeen when you were a teen? I know I did, even if they were completely silly which they usually were. I occasionally do some on Facebook but some are really silly so I try to limit myself since I waste enough time on Facebook as it is. Feel free to read or not. If you want to do your own quiz, feel free to do that, too. Photo Credit to MIPhoto at I do have a photo of my orange tabby Kobie draped across my computer from a while ago. I didn't want to spend a lot of time searching for it since all my old photos are in backup files on my other computer which is a pain in the butt.  This one

I have a Guardian Angel

I'm connecting this blog post into the 3 Day Quote challenge I'm doing. I found this quote by Roma Downey who played that angel on the show "Touched by an Angel" back in the 1990's. Do you believe in guardian angels? I like to think we have them. Often there have been times when I was in trouble and someone would come help me just at the right moment.  Or I would be just about to have a terrible accident and it wouldn't be that bad such as what I describe below. Here is my poem about having a guardian angel, based on my experience a few weeks ago where I attempted to take a photo of my shadow on the farmers' field while I was riding a bike.  I did manage to get this photo as I went hurtling into the deep ditch. I don't recommend trying it though!  I was lucky and my guardian angel was there to save me as I could have been badly injured. The camera and bike could have been damaged, too, but luckily we all escaped unscathed.  Pretty darn luc

I love quotes!

I have been tagged by Chicky Kadambari to take part in the 3 day Quote a Day challenge.  This seemed a natural challenge for me since I am a quote nut anyhow and love positive and uplifting quotes to start my day. After all, our attitude dictates our day so why not try our best to start off with a positive mindset? I even joined a Facebook group about quote bombing as I was intrigued by the idea. People print out quotes, cut them apart and leave them around or give them out to people in the course of their day. Sounds kind of fun. I might try it. I subscribe to quite a few quote sites. One of my favourites is Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s site He never fails to inspire and his quotes always get my day off to a good start. Here is one of his quotes for today made into an inspirational poster out of one of my cloud photos. I love making inspirational quote posters as they take the quote one step further and have that much more of an impact.

#100HappyPosts - Music Uplifts and Connects Us All!

It’s hard to stay positive and upbeat when you are constantly bombarded by so much sadness in the world. Murders, wars, terrible calamities such as plane crashes, natural disasters like floods and fires become constant fare in the daily news. It’s enough to make you want to crawl into your bed and pull the covers over your head. I came across this uplifting story on my Yahoo feed. I’m always drawn to homeless stories and have even written a few short stories about them.  I was so touched by the story of this poor soul in Sarasota, Florida. A gifted musician who had many setbacks in his life, his life started on a downward spiral after the death of his wife and he ended up living on the streets. Here is the link to the story about him.  Sarasota Homeless Man Plays Piano   So uplifting to read about how he’s getting a second chance at a better life and to listen to his music. Music is so powerful how it can connect us, despite boundaries of class, race, language,

The Power of your Potential

I am writing a poem for this week's Wordy Wednesday prompt of "Potential" at Blog-A-Rhythm provided by BAR member Elly Stornebrink who is always great at cheering other BAR members on to reach their full potential.  Elly blogs here at Thanks, Elly. It means a lot. Because of your encouragement and encouragement of some other FB friends, I started working on my bird photo/poetry book. Not sure when I'll finish but at least I started it and often that's the hardest part of all. Crack that whip on me, Elly. I need it!  Wordy Wednesday I looked for a quote for an inspirational poster to guide me in writing my poem and found a good one. Quotes are the best for inspiration, aren't they? Wilma Rudolph says it well when she states that the potential for greatness lives within each of us. And yet so often we act complacent and don't reach our full potential.  How sad that we become trapped in our fears and insecuriti