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The Kitchen Table

This is based on the true experiences of my mother growing up in poor family in the Canadian Maritimes and wanting to make something of her life. “Go away,” Helen cried. “I’m trying to do my homework.” As if the noise wasn't enough, the kitchen reeked of urine-soaked diapers mixed together with the smell of salt cod cooking on the stove and she wanted to gag. “We have as much right to be here as you do,” Helen’s younger sister Jane said as she put glasses of milk on the kitchen table. Her other sister Linda put down silverware and bumped the milk, spilling it all over Helen’s notebook. “Go away! Now look what you did!” Helen shouted. “Mom, tell Jane and Linda to stop bothering me while I’m studying.” “We’re going to eat dinner now. How about some help setting the table?” Mom said, wiping the sweat from her weary brow as she rattled pots and pans on the big black potbellied stove. Helen’s younger brother Robbie clung to his mother’s leg wailing while his twin Ronnie

Write Tribe - 55 Fiction

As if writing a 100 word story wasn't hard enough, here is the 55 Fiction challenge at Write Tribe using only 55 words. We were to pick one genre, either Love or Mystery. I'm sure you can guess which one I picked being the hopeless romantic that I am. Carrie leaned against the boat railing. When would this boring work cruise ever be over? Maybe she could jump overboard and swim for shore. “Want to dance?” It was Rick, that hunk from Finance whom all the girls adored. As Carrie floated across the deck in Rick’s arms, she wished this night would never end.

100 Words on a Saturday - The Shadow of Your Smile

I love these short prompts that force you to make each word count which is what a good writer should do anyhow. I wrote 100 words exactly. Hooray! Henry looked around the crowded coffee shop. When Claire had suggested they meet, he’d hesitated, even though they’d been Facebook friends for years. What if she couldn’t get past his disability? She’d said she’d be wearing a big sunhat with a flower on it. He searched the room and finally saw her. “Claire, it’s me Henry,” he called out as he navigated his wheelchair through the cramped aisle. From underneath the gaudiest hat imaginable, a beautiful woman smiled and his heart raced. She got to her feet and walked towards his voice, guided by the tapping of her white cane.

Moving Forward

Here is my 700 word story for the Write Tribe contest incorporating the following  7 words in random order :   postcard   coin   tidy  wild  help  calendar  responsibility Ben ran down the dark street, the brace on his leg making his leg clump as it always did. At least he didn’t have to worry about being punched tonight. His father was so drunk that his aim was off but his yelling was right on target. Of course there was always tomorrow morning when he would wake up with a wild hangover and then Ben would get it. “Why did you have to be born?” his father had yelled at him, trying to start a fight. “You’ve been nothing but trouble your whole life. No wonder your mother left us.”   Occasionally Ben received a postcard from his mother at the high school. She sent mail there so Ben’s dad wouldn’t find out and never included her return address. Why had she never asked him to come live with her? He was sure it was because her boyfriend Joe didn’t want him there. B

The Power of Good always triumphs over Bad

Today I can't help thinking about Facebook and its power to connect people from all around the globe. I have connected with fellow writers, fellow animal lovers and many others just for fun and friendship.  I love how I have been able to make so many wonderful friends and I’ve been lucky enough to meet many in person, too.   Unfortunately, Facebook can also have its dark side where people can pretend to be someone they’re not or be critical and judgemental without worry of any repercussions. They hide behind their screen and feel free to say whatever they want even if it’s mean, judgemental and untrue. I was a witness to this kind of behaviour today and it shocked me. My friend was harshly criticized and judged by another woman in several mean Facebook comments. My friend who received the mean messages was terribly hurt and is even considering shutting down her account. On the positive side, the outpouring of love and support my friend received from her other Facebo

Happy Canada Day!

Nothing like a monthly blog challenge to get me all fired up and writing daily again. I enjoyed the A-Z challenge so much so here I am again trying this one. Am I nuts? Maybe, but I am lovable! ;) Today is Canada Day, a day to take pride in our country and celebrate in the great outdoors during our sweet, brief summer. I love my country so much and feel such gratitude to have been born here. We have so much space and beauty all around us. West from the Pacific, North to the Arctic Ocean, out East to the Atlantic, we inhabit an amazing country of incredible diversity of landscapes and cultures. The main two things I love about Canada are that we live in a freedom-loving and peaceful nation. We are so lucky. When I hear about the turmoil in other countries I am again reminded about how lucky I am. Here is my favourite instrumental video post of O Canada made in 1979 with the Canadian Forces Central Band performing. Love the strings playing in this.  They used t