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Eight Photos of Happiness

The Eight Photos of Happiness Challenge was started by Ariel over on  Ariel's 8 Photos of Happiness Debbie Doglady nominated me to post eight photos of happiness. Here is her post of her eight happiness photos. I enjoyed reading your blog post about your early days with your family, your hubby, your pets and your travels, Debbie. Debbie's 8 Photos of Happiness Thanks for the nomination, Debbie. Sorry to be so slow. I appreciate you nominating me. You know how much I love taking photos so this challenge should come easily for me. The hard part is narrowing it down to only eight. I'm a fairly simple and down to earth person who doesn't like pretense or materialism. I'm not rich in a material sense but I'm very rich in the ways that matter. I have a loving family, great parents, adorable pets, and I enjoy being creative photographing my birds out here in the country. I don't need much more. I decided to make a wreath collage of favourite ph

Move Into a Brand New Light!

I noticed Mr. C molting recently, his magnificent red plumage looking grey and scruffy as the feathers prepare to fall out. Soon he will grow a whole new set of feathers for winter so he will look his best in my winter photos against the snow. Sometimes I wish I could shed my feathers and grow a new set, too. Or I wish I could be like a snake and shed my old skin and emerge with a fresh new one. Younger and slimmer might be nice, too. Oh well, can't  have everything! A cardinal does a feather purge As summer comes to a close, Soon new feathers will emerge Mr. C will be ready to pose, How I wish that I could molt like birds To become a brand new me, But maybe I can shed some words In that way I’ll be free, Words like I can’t or I’m too old I’m too stupid and slow, Words like these just leave me cold These words have got to go! Shed the words and do a purge Move into a brand new light, Allow the new me to emerge Positive, happy and br