Needing Solitude

I remember as a kid that I enjoyed getting up early on Saturday mornings to read or draw before the family woke up. It was a magical quiet time to enjoy being with my own thoughts and imagination before the day really began.

Our society often seems to view being solitary as a negative thing. As children, we’re encouraged to join in with the group and get along with others. If we are a loner, we are seen as a misfit who needs help.

After the busyness of Christmas with its focus on socializing with other people, I long for some solitary time. It’s not that I don’t enjoy people, but as an introvert, I find being with groups of people very tiring.

I enjoy my solitude and crave downtime to recharge, reflect and tap into my creativity. I am a morning person and still enjoy that magical alone time when everyone else is asleep. It is so rejuvenating and soul nurturing.

As Thoreau’s quote states, it can sometimes be even lonelier being with people than being alone. These days in our increasingly impersonal disconnected world, it’s easy to feel “lost in the crowd” which can be a lonelier feeling than being alone.

Solitude is the time I reconnect with myself and I need it to feel healthy and whole. It’s when I write and am most creative. Without it, I feel cranky, stressed and as if I’m only enduring and not really living.

Seeking Solitude
by Cathy Graham

Comfortable in my solitude, I slip into the zone
I seek out “me” time and love to be alone,
A quiet time to reflect and ponder
Time to create and time to wonder,

I am rarely lonely and feel lonelier in a crowd
Crowd noise overwhelms me, it’s way too loud!
When I don’t get my solitude, I’m like an old crone
I make it a priority to spend time alone.


  1. You spoke the words in my heart. I am an introvert too, although you wouldn't know it, going by my FB presence ;) Loving those lines at the end, Cathy. Enjoy your alone time as I will mine :) Happy Holidays.

  2. You know I found myself nodding all along your post...I love solitude..It is so peaceful, just being with oneself...I always try to find some time to be alone...

  3. I love being around people, but still enjoy quiet times on my own to regroup, especially when it's been a particularly busy time.

  4. Wow, Cathy! The poem at the end is ME..all me!

  5. What a lovely write up, Cathy! Being alone with ones own self is very rejuvenating.Early morning is the best time for introspection.

  6. That was lovely!! For me, solitude is very important..
    I crave my space after I have company! :D

  7. I can so relate to your post Cat as I too am an introvert. The definition as you clearly indicate is one who gets recharged by being alone, by having some time in solitude. And yes, I can sometimes feel more lonely in a crowd..... ;) <3


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