The Power of your Potential

I am writing a poem for this week's Wordy Wednesday prompt of "Potential" at Blog-A-Rhythm provided by BAR member Elly Stornebrink who is always great at cheering other BAR members on to reach their full potential. 

Elly blogs here at

Thanks, Elly. It means a lot. Because of your encouragement and encouragement of some other FB friends, I started working on my bird photo/poetry book. Not sure when I'll finish but at least I started it and often that's the hardest part of all. Crack that whip on me, Elly. I need it! 

Wordy Wednesday

I looked for a quote for an inspirational poster to guide me in writing my poem and found a good one. Quotes are the best for inspiration, aren't they?

Wilma Rudolph says it well when she states that the potential for greatness lives within each of us. And yet so often we act complacent and don't reach our full potential. How sad that we become trapped in our fears and insecurities! I know I've done that and still do it on occasion. As I age, I realize I don't have as much time left and if I want to try new things, I need to get going on them. I'll never realize my potential if I don't.

While it may be uncomfortable trying new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, it can also be exhilarating and a time of self discovery. You are capable of so much more than you think! 

Never dismiss the power of dreams
For without them, where would we be?
The world would come apart at the seams
On this I’m sure you’d agree,

Reaching our potential is not always easy
It can scare the bravest of souls,
It can even make a person queasy
On the journey to reach our goals,

We must persevere when things go wrong
We must climb that endless stair,
The human spirit is resilient and strong
The potential for greatness is there,

You’re being summoned for a higher quest
Don’t mope around and whine,
You have the potential to be your best
This is your moment to shine!


  1. Fantastic! I totally agree with you, Cat! If we believe in our dreams and work towards fulfilling them, we will be making full use of our potential and making ourselves proud!

    1. Thanks, Shilpa. We must keep believing and working towards our dreams and realizing our potential, right?

  2. Very inspirational poem, Cat! Thank you for sharing!

  3. How well you have summarized the need to believe in one self and in moving forward to turn our dreams into reality. Very inspiring poem. Thanks for sharing.

  4. you write such inspiring verses :D and rhyme them too :D


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