Letters of Love

I remember reading about the problem of homeless people and suggestions to give them knapsacks with food and warm clothing in them. Negative naysayers (they’re everywhere!) said that wouldn’t solve the problem and they would still be homeless.

My thought was that even if doesn’t solve the bigger problem, at least it touches another human being and shows that someone cares. Isn’t that worth something?

Being so fortunate to live in a peace-loving country like Canada, it’s hard for me to imagine what people in war zones go through. I can’t help thinking about recent victims of war such as the Syrian refugees, especially the orphaned children, so lost and alone.

What can I do to help them in their plight? Like the homeless people, I can’t solve the huge problems that the refugees face, but surely I can show I care in some small way.

I found it so uplifting to read about Letters of Love, an initiative started by 23 year old Pooja Pradeep, an engineering student in India. Her idea is to send photos and greetings to the Syrian refugee children to let them know we care. It’s a sprinkle of hope in an otherwise dark world. Sometimes just knowing others care helps get us through difficult times.

I first read about the Letters of Love iniative on Parul Thakur’s blog http://happinessandfood.com/lets-write-letters-of-love/
and Parul’s cheery positive post inspired me to create a letter of love of my own to send. Here it is.

 The idea is to send the refugees uplifting photos of our pets or doing something fun, but not to emphasize material possessions, or anything that would make them feel badly. We can include a short 3-4 line message of encouragement that will be translated into Arabic and handwritten on the back of the card. 

To send your postcard, send an inbox message to the Letters of Love Facebook page.

Pooja has had an overwhelming response to her letter initiative. With winter coming, there is also a fundraiser to buy warm clothing for the refugees. If you would like to donate, please also visit http://www.ketto.org/Lettersoflove

And for more information refer to the
Letters of Love facebook page.


  1. This is such an awesome initiative. love your letter.

    1. Thanks, Suzy. I loved your letter, too. It is a great initiative and so worthwhile. Small things can be big things and that's how I see these letters of love.

  2. It is really a wonderful idea, Cat! Sending letters of hope to people who seem to have lost it all!
    I loved your letter. Cute one! :-)


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