7x7x7x7 writing prompt for Write Tribe


This is my silly poem based on the 7x7x7x7 writing prompt from the Write Tribe.

Here is the first line which is the seventh sentence from the seventh page of a children’s book called “100 Classic Stories.” It was a porridge pot but I can’t help picturing some nondescript hairy beast with hooves and a mind of its own.

Then, one day, it trotted straight out the door
It left muddy hoofprints all over the floor,
I chased it but never did catch the beast
Last I heard it had headed East,
Once again it had broken free,
I decided I would just let it be
And wait for it to return to me.


  1. wow a complete circle. Dont we all want that to leave no loose ends in life? I loved your poetic take on prompt :)


    1. Thanks very much, Richa. I enjoyed your story very much and thought you did so well with the short word count.

  2. I like your description much better than porridge! Love the classic stories for children.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Jennifer. Much appreciated.

  3. Awesome job. I am a little daunted by this prompt but you did a brilliant job!


  4. Wowie! You did a good job of it :)

  5. A good idea to let thing go. Loved how you turned the porridge pot into a hairy beast and then placed a philosophical message amidst it all. Loved it.


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