Small Things

I really like this well known quote attributed to Kurt Vonnegut. As I looked at various sites, it said it wasn’t written by him. Oh well. Whoever wrote it, I do find it thought-provoking and true. Often we wait for the big events to happen and ignore all the small moments making up our daily lives.

We tend to get complacent and stop seeing as we get older, losing that childlike sense of wonder. I find that a bit sad. We need to realize that the small stuff is big.

Since I have been pursuing my photography passion more seriously, I really notice my "small things" that much more.

Here are some photos of my “small things” from yesterday on my trip into Ottawa to get the car serviced. I like to leave the car at the mechanic’s and walk along, taking photos of anything I find interesting. I love the rose bushes beside the car dealer and always take lots of photos with the bees buzzing on them. The weather was perfect yesterday, not too hot, not too cold but just right.

I went to visit a special pond surrounded by apartment buildings. Last fall I was lucky enough to find two herons there and got some wonderful photos of them. There were no herons this time, but the ducks and seagulls were all there in full force and were quite happy when I gave them bits of the suet cake I bought. The woodpeckers won’t be getting any. Sorry guys!

I met this woman, Fern and her little dog, Diego, and had a nice long chat with her. She showed me this unusual crooked tree growing all contorted along the ground. Of course I had to take a photo of it.

Then I went for a shwarma at the nearby shopping mall and looked out the window of the restaurant to see this cute House Sparrow dancing about in the lilac tree. He was such fun, I couldn’t resist taking lots of photos of him.

It was a magical day that could have been fairly mundane taking the car for routine servicing. Instead, I tried to make it into an adventure, enjoying the small things along the way. Thanks for joining me on my “Small Things” journey.

Small things may seem mundane
We hardly pay attention,
Boring, bland and oh, so plain
Too dull to even mention,

We think we’ve seen it all before
We barely even see,
What if we notice that there’s more
Noticing is the key,

Enjoy the moments in your day
Passing by like a lively jig,
Embrace each one and you can say
Small things are actually big!


  1. What a lovely way to make the most of your waiting time! Very inspiring. :)

    1. Thanks, Laurel. I enjoyed my day of "small things." I do find the photography makes me see things in a whole new way.

  2. They sure are big! Just like the meaning behind your words.

  3. This is so inspiring, Cathy and I always enjoy your photos. Must remember to take the camera along more often. You're right, we often disregard the small things, but they can give us much pleasure.

  4. That is so true, Cat! We tend to take the small things for granted, and miss out on the happiness that these have to offer.
    Loved your poem! <3

  5. What wonderful photography, Cat. You are so right about the practice of photography sharpening our sense of the small, everyday things all around us. Since I don't have the skills for wildlife photography - kudos to you! Alana

  6. It's all in how we approach life, isn't it Cat? The opposite is true as well. We look at the small problems and make them mountains. Some day we will realize they were just small things.

  7. Very true. And photography tends to make us stop and notice all the little things around us that we otherwise miss. I remember when I did Fat Mum Slim's Photo-A-Day challenges. They used to be so much fun to do. And they made me look at things around me... everyday things... in new ways! Stuff at my home, plants in my building, the sun... everything really!

  8. Yes, small things are certainly or can be big as you so well demonstrate not only with your words and poem, but also the beautiful photos to match! Thanks for sharing Cathy...and ahem, I am still awaiting your beautiful book so I and others can delight in the small things that are big to me and us! ;) <3

  9. Hi, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Read all about it here:


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