Recipe for Happiness Cake

I am taking part in the blogging festival going on at Write Tribe this week with the theme of Creativity and Inspiration. 
Write Tribe Festival of Words

I am using the prompt of making a recipe for something other than food. This is my recipe for Happiness Cake.

(This is not one of my cake photos as I don't have a happy-faced cake so I photo edited a photo from Angels on

Recipe for Happiness Cake

Start with a positive attitude
Blended with plenty of gratitude,
Add a sprinkle of faith and a dash of hope
And lots of forgiveness to help you cope,

Throw in some acceptance and let things go
Add some humor to make it flow,
A big scoop of joy mixed with kindness and love
Will make your cake fit for the gods above,

Share your recipe with everyone you know
And watch the happiness grow and grow!


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