A Flurry of Feasting Finches

I enjoy watching the birds from my window as many of you know already. No two days are ever the same and I never know who will show up or who won't. Those birds keep me guessing and don't share about their comings and goings. Of course I know the squirrels will show up no matter what. Sigh. Big gluttonous pigs!

Yesterday I had a real swarm of finches arrive in fine form, flitting back and forth between the trees, the feeders and the ground.

I appreciate my winter birds so much how they can endure the bitter cold. They brighten up the dullest days with their cheerful presence. I am so grateful for my birds! Squirrels! Not so much!


  1. I agree:-) those winter birds can surely bright up pale winter days like noone else:-) And true- no day is like the other. Love your pictures- made me smile- everyday happiness shining through. Hugs dear friend:-)

  2. Wow! I love bird-watching too. We get doves, sparrows, mynas, pigeons and crows here. And I love all of them except the pigeons that create a mess by splashing the water and spreading the food. Lovely pictures there! Glad to have dropped in. :-)

  3. They look so beautiful.. you sure live in Narnia :) I haven't seen many pretty birds... just white big scary ones here.


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