I Love my Coffee!

I am enjoying Shailaja’s Facebook posts describing how much she enjoys her tea and how it’s like a spiritual experience for her. She describes it so well, drawing on all the senses. When I read her posts, I feel I'm there sharing that tea with her and feel so calm and transformed. 

I’m sure all the tea companies in India would love to have her writing ads for them. I'd buy that tea for sure!

I do enjoy tea but for this post, I am writing about my love of coffee, especially on these cold, dark days of winter when I need all the help I can to feel energetic, positive and upbeat.

My love affair with coffee probably started in my college student days living in Montreal in the 1980’s. Montreal gave me a real taste for good coffee before it became as trendy as it is today.

I love my Coffee!

Coffee, coffee, that magical brew
It greets me on cold, dark days,
So hot and sweet, a friend so true
Let me count the ways,

It gives me a buzz when I’m feeling low
When I need that extra jolt,
I take a gulp and away I go
As fast as a lightning bolt,

My machine isn’t fancy, but works just fine
It’s not quite the Starbucks touch,
But it’s so much easier than waiting in line
And doesn’t cost so much,

Stand back and get out of my way
If you don’t want heads to roll!
I need my coffee to start the day
Or else I’m a terrible troll!


  1. 😀 Amazing! And I agree...I too am a coffee lover. But only chilled coffee for me. Chilled and sweet! Even on days such as these, that are oh so cold, I need my morning cup of the chilled and sweet potion to get me going.
    Cheers to you, Cat! From one coffee lover to another..☕☕..With love!

  2. Awww how sweet of you to say that, Cat! I have a huge smile on my face reading this. And even though I don't drink coffee, I must say that poem is so adorable and I can totally imagine why you'd need that caffeine first thing in the morning.

  3. I'm a coffee girl myself. I hate to do this, but could you read this? Guess you would like! :) Meanwhile, love the poem, Cat! <3 https://taleoftwotomatoes.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/my-day-with-coffee/

  4. oh, such a catty mug!!! :D
    Weirdly enough, I have phases - some years, I am a coffee addict, some years I live on tea. Man, I really need to stick with atleast one, don't I? :)

  5. I bow to thee, Cat! As a coffee addict, I relate. Cheers!

  6. I'm a coffee lover too :) And that's such a cute poem! Nothing like caffeine to kickstart our day


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