My ABC Advice for Life

I am not one to tell people what to do but I did enjoy trying this exercise to give advice using all the letters in the alphabet.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. That’s how you grow.

Believe in yourself and go for your dreams.

Create a life of joy.

Delight in the ordinary moments.

Earn someone’s trust by being consistent and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Follow your heart and passions.

Give more and take less.

Hope for a better future.

Imagine how you want your life to be and take actions towards it.

Joke around and don’t take life so seriously.

Kick that Inner Critic to the curb.

Laugh daily and laugh often.

Make each day count.

Nag less and praise more.

Opt for optimism.

Practice being positive instead of being cynical and negative.

Question before deciding.

Resist following the crowd and make up your own mind.

Savour each moment as if it’s your last.

Take time to appreciate your life.

Unwind and relax.

Value everyone for we all have something to contribute.

Want less and be grateful for what you have.

eXpect less, give more.

Yearn to make a difference, no matter how small.

Zap negativity.

What would you write for your ABC list of Advice for Life? If you do write one, I'd love to see it.

Keeping in a positive mindset, I really like this quote I found and thought it looked great layered on this magnificent cumulus cloud I saw last night on my bike ride. 

Aren't summer clouds spectacular? They have such a different look from winter clouds. Stay positive, everyone!


  1. Hey Cat,.that's such a wonderful idea! I am.going to do it on my blog too! Will add some of my ideas. .😀

    1. Great, Shilpa! I look forward to reading your list. Let's spread positive advice around the Internet!

  2. Oh I love this... This is so enjoyable really..Will try to do it myself :)

  3. I could actually do typography on many of your advices... These are simple steps to be happy everyday... Yes one should look at positive things rather than always concentrating on negatives.

    1. I try to stay positive but of course some days are better than others. Good to remind myself of what to strive for.

  4. Precious advice! Loved the idea of ABC of life!

  5. That's some sound advice to follow for a wonderful life, Cat!
    We all can do with these reminders every now and then. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I'm not always a positive person in action so hopefully this list will guide me on what to strive for. Thanks for the comment, Shilpa!


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