If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Everyone who knows me knows how I love cats. I plaster my Facebook wall with cat photos, cat illustrations and cat jokes. I even have good Facebook friends who are cats like B.f.Thorneycroft, my parents' orange cat and Gordon Drummond, a cheeky white Persian who lives in New Zealand.

My two cats, Daisy and Rosie, are my constant companions and I love them both so much. 

As you can see, I identify strongly with cats. My nickname is even Cat. Meowwww!

Cats are such creatures of contradiction. I am very similar to a cat in personality as I am an introvert and can be aloof and independent not needing anyone. Sometimes I even crave it. Then in the next moment, I become loving and affectionate, wanting to be with people.

I anger easily and my claws come out so watch out. But then that anger is gone as quickly as it came and I am loving again.

I am fairly relaxed and like to lounge about like a cat. But if I’m pushed or startled, I’m on my feet and ready for confrontation.

I can sit and ponder something with deep concentration for ages just like a cat does when it stares out the window at the birds or it hears a mouse rustling somewhere. 

I can be indecisive like a cat not sure if I want in or out, to come or to go, always on the wrong side of every door.

Cats don't ask for too much and are happy to just be, content for a bowl of food and an occasional cuddle. I like how they are happy in their own fur, confident of their value, and I wish I could be more like that, too. They teach me to be happy in the moment.

And I’m even growing whiskers these days. Now if that isn’t cat-like, what is?  


  1. Allergies kept cats out of our lives, but I can't imagine being anything but a dog anyway. I've never analyzed why. Now I'm going to have to think it through, aren't I? :)


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