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Cathy Graham
Fiction writing ~ Article writing
I am an imaginative creative writer who enjoys playing with words like a kid  with crayons. If it isn't fun, why do it?
Skills and Expertise
I write short stories, poetry and plays for children and adults. I strive to write stories that uplift and entertain. Even if the story is sad, I always try to include a message of hope. I also enjoy writing a good tingly romance or an uplifting story where I can escape into my characters' lives.

I also write humour, nonfiction articles and press releases.
Experience and Qualifications
I have had several short stories published online and in print magazines and anthologies. For a list of publications, see

I have taken many writing courses over the years and have attended workshops and retreats. I have taken the two children’s writing courses given by the Institute of Children’s Literature. 
I have used my writing as a literacy educator giving presentations and working one on one with with children in workshops and classes.
I have a background in desktop publishing and graphic design which has given me skills in formatting, editing and proofreading. I am also good at working with graphics and digital photos.
I can be reached at I am also a Facebook enthusiast. Maybe too much! 


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