100 Words On Saturday

100 Words On Saturday 10 Prompt: DARK SECRETS

Way back in 1963
Jody was a bride-to-be,
Innocent, without a clue
So eager to rush and say I do,
Bob charmed her with empty praise
Leaving her in a foggy daze,
Her fiancé was a great big fake
Nothing but a lying snake,
He played women like a sport
With a different girl in every port,
On the morning of the wedding day
Jody found Bob making out with Kay,
She grabbed a gun and shot them dead
A bullet each right through the head,
They tumbled from the bed onto the floor
Poor Jody isn’t innocent any more.


  1. Whoa. Don't be messing with Jody! Snakes get what they deserve...

  2. Pretty dark story. I'm glad you used the picture prompt too. I don't think we were supposed to, but I used it thinking we were. Maybe you and I are the only ones who did this right after all?


    1. That photo of the bride just cried out for a story, didn't it, Joyce?

  3. WOW, awesome story!! I love it!


  4. Wow! That is one dark and brilliant story !!

  5. Oh dear! Bob certainly had it coming, didn't he? ;)

  6. Loved your dark story - very cleverly done. Yep that photo did cry out for a story. I don't like snakes.


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