Seven Pinecones

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I meant to post this yesterday but was out and about til later in the evening so it never happened. And you bloggers in India are already ahead enough of me by 10 hours so I thought I'd keep it for today's post. Bad me missing a day. Sigh. I guess it happens.

This is for the Write Tribe's Festival of Words from September 1-7th celebrating the number seven!

Seven pine cones so fragrant and fine
Waiting for me to make them mine,
Soon they will become a Christmas treasure
Giving me hours of crafting pleasure,

First I buy spray paint in metallic tones
I get more paint on me than on the cones,
Gooey glue drips everywhere
On my dress and in my hair,

And I won't even mention about the glitter
I don't want it broadcast on Facebook and Twitter,
I am all thumbs, I must confess
The pine cones are sticking to my dress,

I look so festive, don't you agree?
I could replace the Christmas tree,
That's enough with my silly crafting dream
If I see another pine cone, I'm going to scream!


  1. it sounds like fun though


  2. Oh it was! Who can't resist glitter everywhere? Thanks for stopping in, Pheno Menon!

  3. Wow you've brought in the festive mood with this poem!! Loved it!! :)

  4. Very cute! It'll be the holidays before we can count to seven! This reminds me of a pine cone Pinterest project I plan to try...

    1. Isn't that the truth, Talya? I love the look of pine cones and always daydream of all the fun things I could do with them. This was just a spoof imagining a craft project gone terribly wrong. Never had it this bad but I have messed up craft projects before. Guess the main thing is to experiment and if it's a disaster, try something else.

  5. Thanks for sharing this loveliness with us, Cate. You sure are a person who leaves a trail of glitter everywhere you go. ♥

  6. Hahaha! Now THAT i can empathize with being a person with all thumbs and two left feet to boot :)

  7. oh lol that was a fun poem. I'm sure though you do have a lot of fun with those cones. Looking forward to Christmas.


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