Some Day Syndrome

Write Tribe

This poem is written for Write Tribe's 100 words on a Saturday prompt of "Truly Alive."

Some day there’ll be time for you and me
Some day we’ll be together, just wait and see,
Some day I’ll work less and take time to rest
Some day I’ll be less grumpy and be at my best,
Some day I’ll  try and enjoy life more
Some day I’ll stop and take time to explore,

Hey, Mr. Some Day, I have something to say
The time to start living is now, not some day,
Have you forgotten life comes with an expiry date?
Start some day now, it’s never too late! 


  1. Just loved it. Simple but makes you think.
    Indeed life comes with an expiry date and we don't even know when is that date. So it's better to live every moment to the fullest. Cheers.

  2. Fact of life...we should realize this that the some day is today!! Start living :) loved the poem!

  3. Life comes with an expiry date! So true. Someday will never come. Make the most of today, for tomorrow may never come. Reminds of this song "One day at a time sweet Jesus," by Christy Lane

  4. I love this. A great reminder that putting things off in life can end up you never get to do them. There is no guarantees how long your life will you must embrace it and live.

  5. Brilliant poem. Enjoyed reading it. Glad you wrote it down immediately not waiting for some day.

  6. You said it so well in this beautiful and awe-inspiring poem.Truly Alive:)

  7. Nice poem! If we keep waiting for 'some day', it will never come.

  8. Loved the last four lines of the poem, simply awesome :D

  9. Beautifully written..why wait for some day what you can do today? :) loved it

  10. You know what, Cat? I posted something similar to this theme on my health blog yesterday!

    I loved your inspiring!


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