People Not Presents

I am participating in the Write Tribe Blogging Challenge from December 8-14.

Write Tribe

Today's topic is People so I decided to write a poem for a change of pace.

People Not Presents

The Christmas rush is here again
Take a breath and count to ten,
This time of year we lose our way
It makes me sadder than I can say,

Spending too much on so much stuff
Don’t you think we have enough?
Eating until we’re ready to burst
Drinking to quench our endless thirst

Forever searching and feeling a void
No wonder we often get annoyed
Please listen to this Christmas verse
Open your heart and close your purse,

Reach out to others and the world will sing
Don’t you think that’s a wonderful thing?
Love and kindness are better than toys
People, not presents bring Christmas joys.


  1. I agree completely. This was lovely! ♥ It reminds me of the message learned in The Grinch Stole Christmas.

    1. I guess I have seen the Grinch a few times but the message still bears repeating, right, Kathy? Thanks for commenting!

  2. So true. If only we could give importance to people and humanity rather than indulging in luxurious.. I loved these lines immensely" Please listen to this Christmas verse
    Open your heart and close your purse,"

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Sunita. Appreciate it!

  3. People not present bring joy. It's so true and wish so many would understand the simple sentence that will make us go from strength to strength:)

    1. Thanks so much vishalbheeroo. Appreciate you stopping in.

  4. B eautiful poem. You have rightly said that love and kindness is more important than a gift for the spirit of Christmas.

  5. Loved your poem immensely! And, hope people change their attitudes and start giving importance to people more than things.


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