Just Call Me The Crazy Bird Lady

I’ve always loved birds ever since I was a kid. One of my favourite songs is from Mary Poppins “Feed the Birds.”

In 2009, I traveled to England to visit my writing pals, Caz, Val and Suzanne. My first stop was London where I made a point of staying at a hostel right near St. Paul’s Cathedral where the famous bird lady sat on the steps to feed the birds in Mary Poppins magical snow globe.  

Here is a street view of St. Paul's when I first arrived. Kind of a different view than the typical view highlighting the famous dome.

Here is a view of the courtyard at the hostel. Apparently years ago, the St. Paul's choristers used to live at the hostel where I stayed since it was very close to the cathedral.

Even though the hostel was very basic with 5 women to a room, it was still so magical to be gently lulled by St. Paul’s Cathedral bell chiming every 15 minutes. And I got to sit on those famous steps and imagine I was the bird lady feeding the pigeons.

This winter Hubby put up some clotheslines for me to hang birdfeeders on and keep the squirrels away. HA! Nothing keeps squirrels away! They quickly learned how to do the ol tightrope walk to the food. Here is a photo of one attempting to take the suet cake in a driving snowstorm. He had a few nibbles but didn't manage to take it.

Who would have thought that I’d enjoy this whole bird watching venture so much?  I seem to have gotten into a daily habit of photographing the birds and posting my daily bird photo.  I seem to have struck a chord as others are enjoying my birdie photos, too, which makes me happy.

Here is a photo of Mr. Cardinal, my favourite bird as everyone who has followed me on Facebook knows by now. I see Mr. C and I know it's going to be a lucky day.

It’s official. Not only am I a crazy CAT LADY, but I am also a CRAZY BIRD LADY, too and proud of it. 

TWEET! TWEET! and I don't mean Twitter either!


  1. I just hope Kobie doesn't mind that you like birds. I can only imagine his emotional turmoil ;) Tweet, tweet indeed!

    1. I'm sure he would LIKE birds, too, Shailaja. For breakfast! That's why I'm trying to keep him as an indoor cat along with the dangerous road in front where he would turn into a kitty pancake in no time.

  2. That must have been such a lovely trip! And I always enjoy your bird pictures - you really have a way of capturing them so beautifully.

    1. Thanks so much, Laurel. I love taking photos of my birds as I'm sure you can tell.

  3. Sounds like a fun trip, Cathy. You take great photos of birds and everything else. Mr, Cardinal is so handsome!. Those squirrels sure are clever. I bet Loup could scare them away. With him in residence, you can add "Crazy Dog Lady" to your credentials. ☺

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I do love my Mr. C so much and anytime I see him I get so excited. Luckily for the squirrels, Loup is in the back yard as he would love to sink his teeth into them, I'm sure.


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