Have a Gratitude-Filled Week!

I must admit that there are some days that I don't jump out of bed all enthusiastic and in love with life. 

Some days I have a grey cloud of worry or negative, guilty thoughts floating over my head. 

The best cure for the neggies, I've found is to read positive affirmations like Queen Of Your Own Life and practice gratitude.

This week I'm grateful for many things. I'm linking up to two Gratitude linkups this week.

I'm so grateful to include Laurel and Vidya among my wonderful writer friends. 

First is Laurel Reagan's Gratitude List over at her blog, www.alphabetsalad.com Laurel's Gratitude List 

Second is Vidya Sury's Gratitude Circle over at her blog www.vidyasury.com Vidya's Gratitude List

Feel free to post about gratitude and link up with other grateful bloggers at either one or both of these wonderful blogs. 

No matter how bleak or gloomy things may appear, there is always something to be grateful about. 

I hope you enjoy my little gratitude poem as March hurtles towards April at breakneck speed. Can't believe Easter is almost here.

Here are two gorgeous photos I took of Mr. C and Mrs. C in the sunshine this week. I'd never seen them quite this way before with the sun shining on them, making their eyes stand out and their pupils show. 

Even though I have hundreds of photos of the couple, I never get tired of taking more. I have such a connection to these beautiful birds and that makes me grateful, too.

My Gratitude Poem for March 26, 2015
I’m grateful that the days are longer
And that the sun grows ever stronger,
I’m grateful that spring is on its way
It asserts itself a bit more each day,

I’m grateful to wear shoes when I go outside
I'm grateful that I don’t slip and slide,
It’s a big muddy mess, but what can you do?
I’m grateful to see the grass peeking through,

I’m grateful I can take photos of the birds
A picture is worth a thousand words,
When I see the birds I just can’t be sad
Simple things make me grateful and glad,

A minute passes, a month, a year
I’m just grateful that I’m still here!

Have a gratitude-filled week, everyone!

Gratefully yours, Cat


  1. What a cheery poem, Cat, and I absolutely love the pictures of Mr. and Mrs. C - gorgeous birds indeed! Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts and for adding your post to the Gratitude Linkup. :)

    1. Thanks, Laurel. Whenever I see Mr. and Mrs. C, I'm especially grateful.

  2. You always inspire me, Cat. And you are one of the few people who make me appreciate poetry. Thank you. :)

    And great pictures, btw.

    1. Thanks for your support, Loni. Glad you like my silly rhymes that seem to pour out of me like songs.

  3. Lovely captures cat :) Its nice to make gratitude list like this. Helps us to be thankful for all the good things, which we otherwise forget to notice!

    1. Thanks, Swathi. I so agree. Gratitude is so important to be happy.

  4. That is a beautiful poem and it speaks volumes! I love your pictures of Mr & Mrs. cardinal. They are so bright and wonderful to see

    1. Thanks so much, Birgit. I do love my cardinal couple and they always make me feel grateful.

  5. A beautiful poem... glad that sun is a lot stronger now :)

    1. Thanks, Rajlakshmi. Yes, I feel spring in the air at last.


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