Shailaja's Cure For Writer's Block

I dedicate this poem to our faithful leader of Blog-A-Rhythm, 
Shailaja Vishwanath. 

She keeps us all inspired, makes us laugh and keeps us writing. 

(GULP! *sweat pours from brow at the the thought of those pointy-toed boots*)

Do you suffer from Writer’s Block?
Don’t you wonder why?
You sit and watch that ticking clock
And feel like you’re going to cry,

Sit yourself down and write something small
It doesn’t even have to be that wise,
Get some words down and try not to stall
That’s what Shailaja would advise,

If all else fails, Shailaja can help
She knows just what you need,
Of course it just might make you yelp
But she promises you won’t bleed,

See those boots she’s wearing
The black ones with the pointy toes,
So slinky, shiny and daring
Guaranteed to cure blank page woes,

Just one jab is all it will take
Then the writing will flow,
So much for your Facebook break
On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I saw this pop up in my Google+ feed and was surprised to see my face and my name staring back at me from the post! Cat, you minx, you! :D But, you have hit the bull's eye. THAT is exactly what I would say.You have said it beautifully in your classic verse. Muah and hugs to you, my dearest Cat :)

  2. Seems like I could use a swift kick from Shailaja daily. LOL This was awesome. She really is all that and a bag of chips! ♥

  3. LMAO!! Hilarious, Cathy! Go get 'em Shailaja. Those are some lethal boots. ☺

  4. So it is true, she really has a pointy boots ready! :) Well done, Cathy. :)

  5. Hehe!! This is so Shailaja!! Cat, I think I do need a kick from her!! ;)

  6. Cathy, every word of yours fits Shailaja's unique style !!

  7. hehehe!! this is brilliant! :D

  8. OMG What a vivid image you have invoked Cat.. amazing writing!

  9. hahahaha Cat! this was awesome for our inspiring BAR Godmother with pointy shoes :)

  10. That is a wonderful poem! Cat and did I really need it!! I am in a mess right now with all my schedules and goals going haywire along with my packing, so this helps. I think I am going to paste it on my desktop!!
    Lovely work Cat. Congratulations Shailaja!!

  11. So true...the perfect picture painted of our dear God mother in the pointy boots! I so need a kick by those boots, right now, Shailaja! Lovely poem, as always, Cat! :-)

  12. Aha, the pointy shoes are very inspiring..will remember them.

  13. Aha, the pointy shoes are very inspiring..will remember them.

  14. Aha, the pointy shoes are very inspiring..will remember them.

  15. Aha, the pointy shoes are very inspiring..will remember them.

  16. hahahaha her pointy toed boots are giving me nightmares :P
    absolutely loved the poem :D brilliant :D

  17. Cat this is hilarious. I thought it was a guest post by Shailaja. Those pointy boots are the awesomest.

  18. Ah, how fun Cat: a cute piece about Shailaja and her pointy-toed boots! :) I rarely ever get writer's block ... I have so many posts in draft form as I find inspiration everywhere around me! Lucky me as I am spared a swift kick from those steel(?)-toed pointy boots! ;) <3

  19. Hi Cat, This is my first time here. This post is hilarious & the visual reinforcement with the pointy black shoe pic gets your message across loud and clear.


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