Mr. Cardinal Is Always Happy

Nice be back blogging again. Having my laptop cleaned has certainly derailed my blogging routine. Not that it takes much for me to get off track! I'd better get back into the routine pretty quick with the A-Z Blogging Challenge coming up in April.

In honour of Happiness Day which was on March 20th, I have written this little poem in tribute to Mr. C, my cheerful cardinal friend who visits me year round. 

He is always happy and upbeat, despite the weather. Even never ending winter doesn’t get him down. 

Just the sight of this gorgeous bird in his brilliant red plumage is enough to brighten the dullest day. 

I hadn’t seen him for a while so I was delighted when he stopped by last night. Of course I had to take lots of photos and write a poem about him as he is so inspiring. 

Here is a collage of some of those photos. I took them around 7pm when the light was beginning to fade but was still able to get some shots of my favourite bird. I'm so grateful for Daylight Savings time and the longer, brighter days. It gives me hope that spring will come, even in these fickle March days where it thaws one day and snows the next.

Happy Mr. C

Mr. C chirps from high in the tree
He doesn’t care that it snows,
A happier bird you’ll never see
He’s chipper wherever he goes,

I saw him again last night
Flitting from the feeder to the tree,
His red plumage was such a delight
It filled my heart with glee,

He doesn’t mind the snowy spring
He always has such a cheerful way,
He opens his beak and starts to sing
He reminds me to be happy today!


  1. Aww, Cat, that sure seems such a happy poem, thanks to the very happy Mr. C!

    1. Glad you liked it, Shilpa. Thanks for dropping in, my good friend!

  2. Love your sightings and writings of Mr C, cheery cardinal! I can see why he makes you happy! :) <3

    1. Thanks, Elly. I do love my Mr. C as I'm sure you've noticed. He brightens up the dullest day and always makes me happy. I take a million photos of him but I don't mind. The more the better!

  3. There's so much to learn from Mr C! And good to see you back, Cathy :)

    1. Thanks, Shilpa. I agree that Mr. C can teach us a lot about being positive and happy, despite obstacles like never ending winter for example. Sigh. Thanks for welcoming me back, too. Good to be back blogging. I've missed it.

  4. I enjoy watching birds when they visit my little garden in home. They bring such delight and cheer. Thanks Cathy for introducing your Mr. C to us through this lovely poem!

    1. I'd love to see your birds in India, Beloo. They must be very different from ones here in North America. Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked Mr. C! He's the best!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Naba! That Mr. C always inspires happiness.


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