Wordy Wednesday #Phrase Prompt - My Dual Nature

I am doing the Wordy Wednesday challenge at Blog A Rhythm where we are required to use one to three of the phrase prompts in a post. Wordy Wednesday

Since I like to give myself a challenge, I decided to use all of the phrases in a poem.

My Dual Nature

Far from the madding crowd I hide, 
I much prefer being alone,
Everyone is so brash and loud, 
I even despise the phone,
Even though I’m an introvert, 
I do like having my say,
I want my fifteen minutes of fame
I’m kind of strange that way,

Famous last words have now been written, 
there’s no turning back the time,
My dual nature is a part of me, 
like my love of writing rhyme,
Fat lot of good it does to worry, 
might as well accept my ways,
I’ll face the music and start to dance, 
enjoying the rest of my days!


  1. Oh wow! You did it Cat! Simply super!

    1. Thanks, Shilpa! I had fun trying to get all those prompts in.

  2. Aww- can feel you rocking around there to the music now? Dear friend? Awesome Cathy - you made me smile - with your dual nature:-) Huuugs

  3. Beautiful. :) Quite expressive too. I liked this a lot. Even I was an introvert, and even now, at times, retract into my shell. So I can relate.

  4. This was such a fun read, Cat and I loved how you used all 5 prompts. So beautifully and on point too.


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