The Bridge

I am writing this to the picture prompt for Wordy Wednesday at Blog A Rhythm. We're supposed to write a minimum of 100 words. 

Since I like the challenge of writing to an exact word count, I made it exactly 100 words.

Two men are walking towards Heaven’s Pearly Gates.

First Man: I can’t wait to get to Heaven. It’s gonna be great! Nobody is as good a Christian as I am. A crowd is gonna be waiting to welcome me.

Second Man: I know you. In life, you were an evil, selfish man who hurt many people.

First Man: Lies, all lies! 

The bridge crumbles and the first man falls into the fiery Hell below.


The bridge reappears and the second man continues walking to Heaven’s Gates.

Second Man: That’s what you get for building walls instead of bridges, Donny. 


  1. LMAO!! That was great, Cathy. Thanks for the laugh. ☺

  2. What goes around, truly comes around!


  3. The last statement clinched the deal ! It beautifully supplements the bridge in the story.

  4. Like! And I know several people who are in similar circumstances.

  5. Even before the end, I had an inkling that it was the great Trump :P
    Nice one, Cat!

  6. Hahaha! The end was totally unexpected! I wasn't even thinking of him! :D
    Brilliantly written, Cat!

  7. hahahha! Brilliant!! Actions count for so much more than simply marking attendance at Church!

  8. Great blog, thanks for posting this


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