Describe five strengths you have

I'm tackling another topic off the The Thirty Things List.

This one isn't that easy as I'm not that good at tooting my own horn but if I don't, who will? 

Here goes:
Compassion and empathy for others
I like to think I have compassion and empathy for others and the struggles they go through. The wisdom of age and my own struggles have given me more insight into how others feel. After the death of our baby girl due to forceps injuries, I saw loss in such a different light and am more touched by others’ grief than before when I felt distanced from it. Now I know truly how they feel since I’ve been there and I try to take action and be supportive.

I think I am a very creative person and I came to the conclusion a while ago that this creativity is part of who I am and needs to be expressed or I feel like a drudge. I love all the arts and have been involved in writing, art, music and drama all through my life.

I feel this connection to my soul and time stands still when I create. It’s like a magical process that I constantly need to tap into. I get inspired by creativity around me in music, films and art and I long to relive the beauty by expressing my own creativity. When I don’t get to be creative because of procrastination or being busy with other things, life is so unsatisfying and I grow restless and unhappy.

I am a person who feels things deeply which is both good and bad. My feelings are often very intense and over the top which can be annoying for those who have learned to hide behind a controlled facade. With me, what you see is what you get.

I’ve always been overly sensitive which can sometimes be a curse in a world that is often unkind and cruel. But I truly believe it’s better to be passionate about things than to be cold or apathetic, distancing yourself or not allowing yourself to feel. I know people like that and I pity them. They are missing out on what it’s like to be truly alive. Maybe they are protecting themselves from feeling hurt or disappointment but what a price to pay.

Childlike joy for life
My inner child often bursts out of me with joy and exuberance. I can tap into my little Cathy so easily. She’s still there dancing her little heart out and often comes out to play. She knows how to dance in the rain and can be awfully embarrassing at times. Still, I love my little Cathy because she is so much fun. She loves to laugh, is so spontaneous and creative, and she knows all about joy and being in the moment. I wish she’d come out more often to cheer up middle-aged Cathy who can often be so cynical and resigned, thinking that her best years are behind her and that she should have done more with her life.

Dependable and Loyal
My family and friends are important to me and I feel intense loyalty towards them. I try my best to have integrity, be dependable and do what I say I’m going to do. I hate being let down by others and know the disappointment I’ve felt in the past when people acted like I wasn’t important enough to follow through on their promises. I don’t want others to feel that way. Sometimes I mess up and let people down but I always admit my mistakes and apologize right away. My intentions are always good and I try my best to follow through.


  1. Those are some great strengths, Cathy. I nearly went with the loyalty thing,but has some vague recollection of having covered that somewhere previously. I am so glad you are connected to Little Cathy; it really does make a world of difference to smiling and to creativity.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Gill. You inspired me with your blog post on this topic so I took the plunge. Yes, Little Cathy is lots of fun. Wish she'd visit more often instead of Drudge Cathy who is no fun at all.

  2. Love this, Cat.
    You really have pegged yourself quite well. I am glad to call you my friend. <3

    1. Thanks, Wendy. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad to call you my friend, too.


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