I love musicals!

I’ve loved music right from childhood and I sing in a choir, play flute accompaniment with the choir, and with a community band and with my harpist friend. I can’t imagine life without music. It fills me with such joy and passion like nothing else does.

Music is such a personal thing. I’ve always been fascinated by how a piece of music can touch me so deeply while to another person, they are bored or turned off by it. It’s definitely something for scientists to ponder but I prefer to think of it as something magical and mysterious.  

I've seen "Les Miserables" twice and would love to go for a third time. The music is so passionate and clever and I have so much admiration for the talented composers who created it.

I loved the film's technique of having them sing right there in the scene instead of recording them in the studio and then having them lip synch later. It brought a gritty realism and emotion to the story that enhanced the film so much.

I loved the tragic characters in “Les Miz” and got so caught up in their stories. Usually I don’t like sad movies but this one was different somehow. I couldn’t help but be moved, especially by Jean Valjean’s story. And I loved Hugh Jackman and Eddy Redmayne in their roles. *Wipes drool from keyboard* 

I’ve always adored musicals and the idea of telling the story through music is so much fun. “Sound of Music “and “Oliver” are favourites right from childhood. And who can resist “West Side Story” and “My Fair Lady?” I even enjoy the corny musicals of the 1950s like “Singin in the Rain”, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, “American in Paris”, and “The Music Man.” We have a local musical theatre group nearby and I always look forward to their yearly productions.

And don’t even get me started about my love for animated musical films as I’m an animation lover from way back. I even met my hubby at an animation studio where we were working as opaquers painting cartoon cells but that’s another story for another blog post.

As a child, I was captivated by musical films such as “Bambi”, “Snow White”, “Cinderella” and many others. Then I got to indulge in my passion some more when I had my own kids and could take them to see animated movies like “The Lion King”, “Quest for Camelot” and “Aladdin.” My kids are older now but I still  love animated musical films and always will.

So much emotion and passion comes out in a musical as the story unfolds. How can anyone not be moved by it? And yet some people can’t stand musicals and think they’re silly. My husband dislikes my recording of the “Les Miserables” stage production. He says they sound like they’re shouting all the time. I tell him that’s why I like it so much, because the passion and emotions are so over the top. I can’t help but be moved by the characters and their stories.

Watching a musical is pure escapism and fun for me, a guilty pleasure that I would happily indulge in at any time. It fills me with joy and passion like nothing else and I long to have that feeling again and again. 

Anyone want to join me as I go see “Les Miserables” for a third time? ;)


  1. As I was saying on Paula's blog, I love musicals, especially French ones, but also Cabaret, King & I, South Pacific, Camelot (Richard Harris *swoon*) and all of those. I have never seen 'The Glums', never been drawn to it, but I do love Bring Him Home, which reduces me to tears every time!

    1. Haha! Took me a minute to figure out what "The Glums" was. Yes, "Bring Him Home" is a tearjerker. You need kleenex for "Les Miz" for sure.

      What are some examples of French musicals that you like? I love those other musicals you mentioned. Face it. I'm a sucker for musicals.

  2. You've named many of the ones I love too. The Les Miz movie was fabulous! I'm thinking Oliver, Oliver, never before has a boy asked for more and Here come the Jets. Oh, thanks for the walk down memory lane.


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Joyce. Glad to know I'm not alone in my musical obsession. Don't know "Here come the Jets" Must look that one up.

      Guess what? I went to Les Miz again last night. Guess 3 times is enough for now until the DVD comes out.

  3. Cathy, I love all the musicals you've mentioned, and could add a whole lot more! And I completely agree with you about Les Mis. Seen it twice so far, will probably go again, and definitely buy the DVD (have already bought the CD!)


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