Writer's Post Blog Hop #89

The topic this week is History, I decided to write a poem from a young person's point of view.

History class is so long and boring
Why can’t history be fun?
My teacher’s voice has got me snoring
Something has got to be done,

I grab my dull textbook and throw it on the floor
I run out of the class with a slam of the door.

How did people live and how did they feel?
That’s what history’s about,
Were they good people or did they steal?
Did they go without?

For history’s only a story based on truth
I have nothing more to say!
For I am but an ignorant youth
And now I’m heading out to play!


  1. I remember being bored in history class too. Especially when lunch was calling!

    1. Haha, Talya! Yes, lunch was my favourite class of all, too!

      I always found Canadian history class dull with a teacher who had a monotone voice and we had the dullest textbook imaginable.

      Later on, I discovered that Canadian history is actually interesting. Who knew?

  2. Too funny! I remember thinking history was boring, then in fourth grade I met the most wonderful man whose family came to our small town in a covered wagon and he told the best stories. History should be stories. Just my opinion.

  3. I totally agree, Darla. After all it is Hi Story, right? Sounds neat meeting that story telling man who came to your town in a covered wagon.

  4. The silliness of youth. :-) History was one of the subjects that fascinated me the most. Now, Geography; that was incredibly boring. LOL


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