If only I was ______ enough
(pretty, slim, rich, successful, clever etc)
Life wouldn’t be so tough

Do you compare yourself and then feel shame?
It’s time to stop this destructive game,
Stop with the comparison trap
It’s a guaranteed way to feel like crap,

No one is perfect, it’s all an illusion
Stop torturing yourself with such delusion,
You’re good enough and better in fact
Now quit with the comparison act.



  1. Yeah Cat! Tell it like it is. We need to stop doing this to ourselves. We are perfect the way we are :)

  2. Yes Cat, Comparisons are nothing but a trap. They do more harm than good to one's self-esteem.

  3. *applauds*

    Well said, Cat! Comparisons are deadly.

  4. So right Cat! Comparing your self with others is never the answer...one should learn to love themselves just as they are, all flaws intact!

  5. True Cathy. I have to share this with you...just now I was talking to my colleague, who had met with an accident last year and fractured her ribs. I noticed she looked slimmer and radiant. Asked her, if she has returned to the gym and she replied, "Nisha, No gym. No diet. I just learnt how to stay happy. Nothing bothers me now. Not money, not friends. It's just me and my man!"

  6. Spot on, Cat. Easier said than done sometimes!

  7. brilliantly said. Our imperfections makes us what we are... why demean it by comparing it with others. We can achieve a lot if we do things for our happiness rather than to please someone else.

  8. So true Cat. We need to stop this..We are enough and we are the best of what we can be and that will take us to our destiny..

  9. Bravo! I don't compare myself to others often. I just wish there was more of me to tackle all the things I need/want to do. :)


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