Creativity Comes From The Heart

I am taking part in the blogging festival going on at Write Tribe this week with the theme of Creativity and Inspiration. 
Write Tribe Festival of Words

As I get older,  I find that expressing my creativity and sharing it with others is so rewarding, whether it’s playing my flute and singing for others, making inspirational posters, creating artwork or sharing my Nature photos. 

If I can share with others, touching and inspiring them, then my joy in creating is that much greater. It is a true labour of love, straight from the heart.

As Chagall says, creating comes from the heart, not the head. And anything involving the heart, needs to be shared with others!

Creating for others is so worthwhile
It gives them comfort or makes them smile,
It helps defeat sadness and the mundane
It helps boost spirits up again,

I have to be ready when creativity comes
There is no warning, no roll of drums,
Creativity  is magical in every way
It touches and inspires every day.


  1. The poetry is awesome are the words about creativity :) Loved the post :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for dropping by, Sushree.

  2. Lovely words. But, rather than sharing with others, I have a different slant on creativity. You write because you must. You do it for yourself. Others might not want to share your proud creativity, but if it makes you happy, that's all that matters.

    1. I totally agree. You write for yourself first. I wasn't talking about sharing in the sense of showing off for people. I meant more like doing it for them, making something for them. Like my playing music for seniors means a lot to them and to me. And I like making cards and photobooks for people but it's still first because I love creating. I don't do it in hopes of praise and approval. Gave up that angle years ago. It's too disappointing to expect everyone to like it as often they don't really care and they have their own agenda.

    2. I'd like to hear you make music, Cathy.

  3. Cathy, the line - Creativity is magical in every way - is so true.

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Tina. Much appreciated!


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